Can you imagine what it will be like to live in a world where there are more plastic items than fish? Well this will become the reality by 2050 if you don’t make a change.
You may have noticed the words “plastic free July” popping-up around the place this week. So, what is plastic free July? It is a challenge set to you, to refuse single-use plastic during July.

The big 4 for plastic free lifestyle: plastic bags, takeaway coffee cups, water bottles and straws.

How can you take part in plastic free July?
Simply attempt to say no to these single use plastic items. Use a reusable shopping bag instead of plastic, use a reusable coffee cup and keep it in your bag, take a water bottle with you and simply ask the waitress to bring your green smoothie without a straw (you are a big kid now, sorry).
Start by choosing just one or 2 items to swap (if you haven’t already started!) and make it part of your daily goal to make sure that you have the reusable alternative with you before you go out for the day. Making a plan on how you are going to make the switch makes it a lot easier!
The marine life and the earth will be very relieved and thankful for your compassion.

How am I going with the plastic free lifestyle?
To be honest, I haven;t used a plastic bag (from shopping), a straw or a plastic water bottle for well over a month. One disposable coffee cup was used last month… Having an aluminium water bottle in my bag as well as a reusable bamboo coffee cup and a few larger shopping bags with me when I go out makes it so much easier to go single use plastic free. What I am learning is, that often places will reward you for brnging your own coffee cup and may offer a $1 discount, or upgrade your regular coffee to a double shot large purely becasue of the reusable coffee cup! How fantastic is that! With all of the markets I attend on weekends and the coffee I consume there, I will be saving $$$ this year!
The next challenge for me is to reduce the amount of goods I purchase in packaging. Going towards a purely wholefoods based diet is going to go hand in hand with this plastic free goal.

use the hashtag #plasticfreejuly and #ecokidd to share your efforts with your mates!

How can reusable beeswax food wraps make a difference and make your life more plastic free?
By switching to reusable goods, we eliminate the need to use single use items. Have you ever thought about how much plastic wrap/glad wrap, or how many snap lock bags (sometimes) go into the bin at the local school, or even into your own bin at home? These plastics will be around longer than us and we can stop it; by swapping to an all natural alternative, that is returned to the earth after it’s lifetime. Reusable beeswax food wraps are soft and a little bit sticky so that they adhere to themselves, just like glad wrap. Have you tried them yet?

What are your plastic free July goals?