Why is a reusable food wrap box great?

If you are like me, you will most likely use a bowl or a serving tray in some way or another daily within your household. Whether it is for displaying your fresh fruit, holding biscuits for entertaining guests, for carrot or vegetable sticks with a dip as a snack bowls are always there. Using your wrap as a bowl opens so many doors. Think about how often you have left serving bowls at parties because they were just too awkward to get home that day? Here is an idea; wrap your items securely in the wrap and then transform the wrap at the party into the perfect serving dish. When the contents have been eaten, fold the wrap up into a small size so it fits into your bag. It saves you space as well as the plastic wrap you otherwise would have used to cover your serving dish. You friends will be impressed by your origami skills and creativity, too.

What is it replacing?

An origami box made from beeswax wrap is reducing your need for plastic wraps, cardboard boxes and those cardboard or plastic plates people insist on giving you to take the left overs home from the party.

How to do it

If you prefer watching a “how to make a reusable food wrap box” video, watch here¬† https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeuPIzqgqTY

1. Fold your wrap into quarters. This provides guidance lines for the next steps.   DSC_3745
2. Fold the 4 corners into the centre.DSC_3747
3. Fold the right and left edges into the centre line, to make a rectangle shape. Fold the bottom edge up to the centre line and the top edge down. Repeat so that you end up with a small square.DSC_3751DSC_3752
4. Open the folded paper out (sorry) so that 2 corners remain folded into the centre. You now have lovely folding guide lines. Fold the already folded edges into the centre.DSC_3755DSC_3757
5. Take point A and fold it as shown. This creates the corner of your box.DSC_3758DSC_3761DSC_3763DSC_3762
6. Repeat with point B.DSC_3765
7. Fold this flap over, as shown to create one side of the box. Use the warmth of your hands to make the corners hold firmly.DSC_3766
8. Repeat on the other corners.
9. Fill with your favourite foods (avoid hot foods and liquids)
10. Show it off – You worked for it!
reusable food wrap beeswax food wrap how to use it box origamiSee the box being made in our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeuPIzqgqTY