Why is it great?

How great is it, when you can just sit back on the couch with a sturdy container of munchies and never having to reach forward for the snacks on the table. Transform your beeswax wrap into a cone snack holder and make your life a little more relaxing.

What is it replacing?

By creating the beeswax wrap cone you will potentially be replacing cardboard cups, cones or plastic containers.

How to make a beeswax food wrap cone

1. Fold your beeswax food wrap in half, to make a rectangular shape. start with the reverse side facing up so the brightest pattern is on the shell of your cone.tasmania beeswax wrap cone

2. Take one corner and pull it towards the middle of the outer edge, on the opposite side.

beeswax wrap cone tasmania
3. Now continue to fold over the edge you have just folded. Continue to roll the other half of the wrap around the cone.

beeswax wrap cone tasmania

beeswax wrap cone tasmania

4. If you wish to have a high side, then congratulations! Your cone is complete! Find the centre and create a round opening in your cone. Use the warmth of your hands to press any loose edges onto the cone. If you wish to have a flat rim, move onto the next step.beeswax wrap cone tasmania
5. Gently flatten your cone, with the high side creating a triangular point (it should look symmetrical). beeswax wrap cone tasmania

6. Fold the high side down around the outer of your cone. Use the warmth of your hands to make the wrap adhere.

beeswax food wrap tasmania cone

7. Reopen the cone. Then, you are all done! Fill it up with your favourite snacks and enjoy!

beeswax food wrap how to make a cone
– Keeping a high edge sticking up makes it possible to put a lid easily over your cone’s contents. Simply fold it over the opening to close it.

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