Keep your food fresh with a reusable food wrap and a dish combination!

One of the most popular uses for reusable food wrap is as a dish cover. It works just like plastic wrap would, however this method is optimal as it is sustainable! No guilt from throwing away plastics here.
Any dish can be covered. Take a bowl with your left overs or your pre-cut ingredients ready for cooking later and cover them in a reusable food wrap. Take a salad bowl or a platter for your party later on and cover it with reusable food wrap. Do you have a container without a lid (we all know the lids get eaten by some mysterious kitchen creature)? Use reusable food wrap as a lid!
Reusable food wrap is fridge safe and also freezer safe when used safely. The only slight issue is that when the beeswax gets cold and is moved it is likely to crack which will make your wrap look sick. I suggest allowing the wrap to warm up to room temperature before removing it from items which come from cold places such as the freezer.
Which size wrap should I use? This really depends on the dish. As the reusable food wrap adheres lightly to smooth surfaces such as a ceramic dish, you really only need a few centimetres of overhang on your dish. Having said that, it will not be a problem to wrap the dish up fully or even twice, if a larger wrap is all you have.

How to:

1. Take the dish you wish to cover and an appropriately sized wrap, which covers the opening bowl cover beeswax wrap
2. Starting from the rim, push the wrap down around the sides with your bowl cover beeswax wrap
3. Work your way around the dish, using the warmth and pressure of your hands to make it bowl cover beeswax wrap
4. Tuck any loose ends underneath the dish. Pressing the ends is really important for making it stay in bowl cover beeswax wrap
5. Now your dish is ready to be stored! Keep it in the fridge, freezer or anywhere away from high heats.
6. Remember if freezing: allow the wrap to return to room temperature before removing the wrap from the dish – just to keep your wrap in good condition.

food bowl cover beeswax wrap

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