Sandwich wrap

A huge percentage of you who have spoken to me about my reusable food wraps have mentioned how you strongly dislike the guilt that comes with using plastic wrap to hold your sandwiches together each day. Do not fear – you no longer need to feel guilty. Cut out glad wrap and disposable wrapping by wrapping sandwiches in a reusable beeswax food wrap.
Here is how to wrap your sandwich best to ensure it stays together as a sandwich in your lunch box. A large wrap seems to be a great size for a solid, full sandwich.
1. Prepare your sandwich!
2. Place your sandwich in the middle of the sandwich wrap ecokidd lunch wrap beeswax Tasmania made in Australia
3. Take 2 edges and meet them at the top, in the middle of the sandwich. Fold over the edge with approximately a 0.5cm fold. Make sure you fold both edges together! Continue to fold the edge over until your sandwich is snug within the wrap. Really press with your warm fingers to make sure the fold will hold its to wrap a sanwich ecokidd food wrap

4. Flatten the 2 open edges. how to wrap a sandwich ecokidd made in tasmania
5. Fold in the corners of the open to pack a sandwich ecokidd beeswax wrap
6. Fold the 2 open remaining edges, again with approximately 0.5cm to pack a sandwich ecokidd reusable food wrap
7. Double check the seams by squeezing/pinching/pressing them. Within a few seconds your sandwich will be snug and secure as the wax hardens once again. All going well, your sandwich should remain together for a few hours to come (or whenever you give in and eat it!).how to pack a sandwich reusable food container australia
Medium wraps are great for smaller, kids size sandwiches while large wraps are prefect for larger, fuller sandwiches.


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