SUSTOMi is on a mission to help you get your life freshly sorted.

To go low-waste, low-tox and make daily life easier (NOT harder).

For our health and for the planet.

Get your eco-home, low-waste and low-tox needs in one place.

It’s time to hit delete on the daily grind that is trying to eat well, stay organised and feel a bucket-load better about the impact you have on our planet. Welcome to SUSTOMi – the solution for sorting your life, fresh.

Begun as a beeswax wrap company by our Founder Bronwyn in Launceston, Tasmania, SUSTOMi is fast becoming a market-leading brand in organised, healthy, budget-conscious and planet-loving living.

“The idea for SUSTOMi grew after I travelled and saw how sheltered we are in Australia from the waste we produce and what effect it has on our health and earth.” – Bronwyn, Founder.

We are here for the fabulous mums, guys, gals and leaders of our eco-conscious future. Good-looking reusables replace single-use plastics. SUSTOMi’s stylish, easy-to-use, intentional products inspire change – to move towards a low-waste, low-tox future.


Get your life freshly sorted!

Going low-waste and low-tox CAN be easy.

Not only that, we make it affordable, doable and enjoyable. Because cutting back on waste and toxins shouldn’t be hard.

We get it, you’re busy. There is a lot of fluff out there. That’s why we’ve pulled together a range of all the best, planet-loving, SUSTOMi-approved home and body essentials. We’ve geeked out on all the research for you and have hand-picked only the safest products for your family, home and the earth.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Introducing the SUSTOMi Membership!

A hand-picked range of beautiful eco-friendly home and body essentials that bring only good ingredients and joy into your home! And cut out the waste, toxins, confusion and high prices.

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Learn and be inspired with us

We want to give you all the support you need to make a low-waste, low-tox lifestyle easy. So, we’ve sought out the help of experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring people to partner with, through invaluable online resources and on our very own podcast, launching in January 2020!




It all started with travel and seeing the devastation plastic waste has on the earth.

In 2016, our founder Bronwyn, wanting to make a difference to the amount of waste in the world, started creating beeswax wraps from her Dad’s kitchen in Launceston Tasmania. Since then, the SUSTOMi team has grown to a wonderful team of 7 young women, determined to make a difference in the world. The team are constantly innovating and bringing to life a growing, inspiring collection of low waste goodies.

It’s been a chock-a-block few years so far for brand SUSTOMi:

  • Month 8: Ecokidd was rebranded to be SUSTOMi, as we know and love today.
  • Month 12: SUSTOMi relocated to Hobart where the team grew
  • Month 18: SUSTOMi ventured off-shore and got our first international stockist
  • Year 2: SUSTOMi saved an estimated more than 10 million pieces of plastic!
  • Year 2.5: We moved to our new, bigger premises on Murray Street.



SUSTOMi is a stylish, modern, no-nonsense way of tackling a massive issue.

“We want no-nonsense and transparency. All of our products are carefully designed and refined to keep in alignment with our values – to provide customers low waste goods with good intention.” – Bronwyn, Creator of SUSTOMi.

All SUSTOMi products are:

  • 100% reusable for decades or 100% biodegradable
  • Replace a single-use plastic item
  • Do no harm to health
  • Promote a lifestyle of healthy eating

Fast forward to the present, realising she was feeling sooo much better with the low-waste shift, Bronwyn also realised low-tox was something that came with that! Having more energy and vitality as a result of some lifestyle changes sparked an interest in low-tox living.

Which brings us to the SUSTOMi of 2020.



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65 Murray Street

Room 502

Hobart, 7000

Tasmania, Australia