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Why SUSTOMi exists?

We are here for your health and the earth – to help people live happier and healthier lives by moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle.  We are here for the fabulous Mum’s, guys, gals and leaders of our eco-conscious future. Good-looking reusables replace single-use plastics. SUSTOMi’s stylish, easy to use, intentional products inspire change – to move towards a zero-waste future.

“The idea for SUSTOMi grew after I travelled and saw how sheltered we are in Australia from the waste we produce and what effect it has on our health and earth.” – Bronwyn, Founder.

Moving towards sustainability can have improvements in life in more ways than you can imagine. With the SUSTOMi you will:

  • Eat better foods
  • Make better consumer decisions, support what matters
  • Save money
  • Significantly reduce your plastic usage!


Our story so far:

In 2016, our founder Bronwyn started creating beeswax wraps from her Dad’s kitchen in Launceston Tasmania. Since then, the SUSTOMi team has grown to a wonderful team of 7 young women, determined to make a difference in the world. The team are constantly innovating and bringing to life a growing, inspiring collection of Zero Waste goodies.

It’s been a chock-a-block few years so far

  • Month 8: Ecokidd was rebranded to be SUSTOMi, as we know and love today.
  • Month 12: SUSTOMi relocated to Hobart where the team grew
  • Month 18: SUSTOMi ventured off-shore and got first international stockist
  • Year 2: SUSTOMi saved an estimated more than 10 million pieces of plastic!
  • Year 2.5: we moved to our new, bigger premises on Murray Street.

SUSTOMi is a stylish, modern, no-nonsense way of tackling a massive issue.

“We want no-nonsense and transparency.  All of our products are carefully designed and refined to keep in alignment with our values – to provide customers Zero Waste goods with good intention.” – Bronwyn, Founder.

All SUSTOMi products are:

  • 100% reusable for decades, or 100%biodegradable
  • Replace a single-use plastic item
  • Do no harm to health
  • Promote a lifestyle of healthy eating



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Hobart, 7000

Tasmania, Australia


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