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Let’s get realistic about your waste: a guide to planning your shopping trips for minimal waste.

Our waste issue is totally overwhelming at first.  Think about the fact that all the plastic you’ve ever used is STILL on our earth, out there somewhere.  Erin Rhodes is taking a realistic approach to the waste issue we’re facing, especially food waste and food packaging waste. 

Eva McKinley – The Last Straw

At first, Eva thought that swapping single use straws with biodegradable straws was the answer, when she realised that a biodegradable option was not the best solution to her sustainable concerns, The Last Straw was born.  

How to keep your garden bee friendly

On their journey from garden to garden, each bee visits between fifty and one hundred flowers on a single trip, collecting nectar and pollen. A single bee’s forage produces around one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime … which doesn’t seem that much!
And yet, there is always a great supply of honey countrywide; our bees are certainly busy. How can you to keep your garden bee friendly?

zero waste camping challenges when bushwalking in Tasmania

How do you approach Zero Waste when you’re out walking or camping? At Easter we made the most of the public holiday weekend and headed out on one of the best hikes in Tasmania.  Located in the Tasmanian highlands the Walls of Jerusalem is an old and elegant alpine...

Behind the Design: Introducing Our Newest Print From Local Tasmanian Artist Christina Graham

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Sustomi? Local Artist Christina Graham introduces you to her newest print; Tropical Fronds!
With the release of our newest Beeswax Wrap Pattern, we’re giving you a unique insight into our design process. At Sustomi we’re passionate about waste reduction and helping our community live waste free but, we also feel that Zero Waste should be stylish!