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Making the Transition: Natural Deodorant

Making the transition from either deodorant or anti-perspirant to a natural deodorant can be daunting!

Store-bought deodorant is a cosmetic used to mask or neutralize body odour. The antiperspirant in the deodorant blocks your sweat glands to reduce perspiration, it contains aluminium which claims reduces sweating.

A Perfect Banana Bread

Banana Bread is the perfect mid-morning snack with a hot cup of tea on a chilly day!
We adapted a recipe from David Herbert’s Complete Perfect Recipes to make it Gluten Free.

6 Ingenious Uses for Your Beeswax Wraps: Not Just for Sandwiches!

“Use this beeswax wrap instead of wrapping your sandwiches in cling wrap!”
We have heard this so many times, scratch that…we have said this SO many times. Just trying to tell people about how cool we think our beeswax wraps are.
So, we sat down and had a think, we actually use our beeswax wraps for so much more than wrapping up sandwiches! Seriously, we hardly ever bring sandwiches to work, doughnuts turn up in our office much more regularly than sandwiches! Our addiction to sugar dusted dough aside, we took a break today to have a little sit over a cuppa and a think about what are great uses for your beeswax wraps.

Meet Shuh Lee, the artist behind Dreams

Dreaming of how you want your world to look, or how happy a fridge full of gorgeous colours and feel-good designs will make you feel? When deciding on our next artist collaboration for our designer beeswax wrap range, we knew fun and vibrance were essential characteristics.

We talk to Shuh about dreams, our limited-edition Beeswax Wrap print collaboration.

Keeping food fresh with Silicone Covers

Every day we make hundreds of choices, most we don’t even realise we’re making.  How many of your choices are about reducing your waste?

SUSTOMi is here to help you with reducing your waste, save time, effort and money.  This week’s focus is on our Silicone Covers, how and when to use them and the waste you’ll reduce by making a very easy swap out. 

Let’s get realistic about your waste: a guide to planning your shopping trips for minimal waste.

Our waste issue is totally overwhelming at first.  Think about the fact that all the plastic you’ve ever used is STILL on our earth, out there somewhere.  Erin Rhodes is taking a realistic approach to the waste issue we’re facing, especially food waste and food packaging waste. 

Eva McKinley – The Last Straw

At first, Eva thought that swapping single use straws with biodegradable straws was the answer, when she realised that a biodegradable option was not the best solution to her sustainable concerns, The Last Straw was born.  

How to keep your garden bee friendly

On their journey from garden to garden, each bee visits between fifty and one hundred flowers on a single trip, collecting nectar and pollen. A single bee’s forage produces around one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime … which doesn’t seem that much!
And yet, there is always a great supply of honey countrywide; our bees are certainly busy. How can you to keep your garden bee friendly?