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Zero Waste Origami Picnic

Origami boxes are a fun, creative way to use you Sustomi beeswax food wraps! At our Saturday market stall we share tips and ideas for using your wraps at home. One idea is to fold your wrap to create a bowl or box for snacks. Origami boxes are great for sharing summer picnics or barbeques with friends. If you are heading to the park or beach you can also fold your wrap to create a pouch. A pouch can be a great way to share fresh fruit with friends or to transport biscuits for an afternoon snack. In this blog we’ll show you step by step instructions for you to make your own origami box or pouch with your beeswax food wraps! You can fold your wraps in many creative ways, here are just our top two ideas for keeping your food fresh and delicious!

Guide to RECYCLING at home: An OVERVIEW

You’ve watched War On Waste, you’ve read the news and now you are ready to make your contribution to helping our society move towards Zero Waste. An easy way to get started is to recycle at home. We’ve helped you get started by comping information from the council, local recycling depots and our own personal experience to help you get your recycling sorted by looking at the three main recyclables: paper and cardboard, glass and plastic.

Back to School: Five fun, simple, healthy lunch ideas for your Sustomi beeswax food wraps!

Whether you are heading back to work or school, it’s nice to start the year fresh. Our team have collected together their favourite ways to use Sustomi beeswax food wraps to create five zero waste lunch ideas. Food that is simple to prepare, healthy to eat, and brings you happiness when you open your lunch box. Lunch times can be a moment of calm in a busy day, a chance to get some fresh air and catch up with friends. Filling your lunch box with fresh, healthy food that you enjoy will give you all you need for your afternoon activities. Still enjoying your holidays? These lunch-wrap ideas are great for picnics or sharing with friends. Tweak and test the recipes with your kids, until they find their favourites!

Summer Markets: Tips and Inspiration for Going Zero Waste

It’s summer and the perfect time to meet up with friends, wander among the vegetable stalls and try something new at your local farmers market! Markets are great for finding fresh, local produce and delicious homemade foods. For just over a year, Sustomi has had a weekly stall at Salamanca Market. We love meeting the other local producers and all the visitors to Tasmania. For the thousands of people who visit Salamanca each Saturday we strive to run a zero waste stall. So we have collected together our tips for how to run your own zero waste stall, what to bring when exploring your next market and some inspiring zero waste markets to check out on your travels!

Australian Eco-Friendly Brands That We Love | Sustomi

This week we're talking about Australian-based brands that we absolutely love. Not only do these wonderful companies create eco-friendly products that all serve a great purpose, they're all based on our homeground, which gives us one other fantastic reason to support...

Delicious Chocolate Black Bean Brownie | Sustomi Recipes

Delicious, fudgy, healthy-ish black bean chocolate brownie recipe Hands up who likes chocolate brownies? Yes, we can see all the hands. Yummy. What’s not to love? Fudgy, squidgy, soft middles that melt in your mouth. Yes please. Yet they’re not the most healthy of...

How To Make Nut Milk At Home

Ready to get creative?! This is a nut milk recipe, and while we aren’t going to go into the details of why nut milk is an amazing alternative to cow’s milk (although we believe it can be!), we’re here to encourage you to make your own at home. Creating your own nut...

Tasmania 3 Month Spring Vegetable Garden Guide

Spring is here; it’s finally a little warmer, and it’s a great time to be outdoors. If you have a garden at home (or even a little square of vegetation on an apartment balcony!), a green patch to call your own can be a real joy. Not only does a little planting make a...

Top 5 Wrappable, healthy Lunch box Ideas for Kids

This is a guest post, provided by the lovely Georgia Rossetto, of Launceston Dietetics. Top 5 Wrappable, healthy lunch box ideas! These are my 5 fav wrappable lunch box ideas because they are packed full of nutrients that kids often don’t get enough of during the...