Make your brand memorable with some of our best personalised corporate gifts. Share your eco-friendly ethos in style.

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Beeswax Wraps as sustainable promotional products express your brand values and ethos

Which gifted products do you use daily? Likely, the ones resonating with your values and secondly, the most practical and useful ones! 

You’ve got the opportunity to provide, kind heartedly to your community with a good for the earth, useful, beautiful gift. 

Make your customers think of you every day, with their very own, eco friendly beeswax wraps.

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What can I get customised on my Beeswax Wraps?

Get your logo and your brand on beeswax wraps, the way you want! Our wraps are fully customisable, from the design on the material to the packaging.

What size beeswax wraps do you offer?

There’s a size for everything you’re #1 fans need to wrap in their kitchens! 

Keeping to our low-waste ethos, the sizes below create minimal wastage in our production process, so we suggest you keep to these sizes:

S: 17 x 17 cm

M: 27 x 27cm

L: 34 x 34 cm

XL: 38 × 46.5 cm


Our best seller is the 3-pack with a small, medium and large beeswax wrap. It gets all your basic needs covered.

Make a pack of the sizes you want. Ask us about creating a combo of wraps in a mixed-pack best suiting your needs. E.g. cheese, avocado, sandwich and salad bowl wraps all in 1 pack!

How much do SUSTOMi corporate beeswax wraps cost? 

Prices start from $4.71. We understand your requirements are unique – get in touch and we will create a quote to suit your exact needs. Simply fill out a few quick details and we will send you the details directly to your inbox (or via phone, it is your choice).

How long does it take to make my custom beeswax wraps? 

Anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on the size of your order.


  • We’ve already provided for companies such as advertising agencies, sporting clubs, and corporate events with a swag bag – with a fantastic response
  • The feedback from their clients and event attendees has been very positive, around receiving an eco-friendly gift they really want to take home!


Get the finer details: Let’s chat! Our office number is 0479 150 002, and our email is

Say thank you in eco-style.