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Ready to get creative?! This is a nut milk recipe, and while we aren’t going to go into the details of why nut milk is an amazing alternative to cow’s milk (although we believe it can be!), we’re here to encourage you to make your own at home. Creating your own nut milk is a very humbling experience, and is really, super easy. It’s all about starting with the basics and creating something new.

The feeling of consuming your own goods that your very hands created is a very rewarding experience in itself. What more would you want? Perhaps some super delicious nut milk, made totally organically and waste free, just how I like it…thanks!

Here are the basic steps for you to follow to create the base of the nut milk. You may add in the suggested extras (listed below) as your taste buds and recipes desire.


1 cup of nuts (raw almonds work great)

2-4 cups of water

+ your choice of extras (for sweetness or flavour)


  • Put nuts in a bowl and cover them with water (the water makes them plump). Leave them overnight to soak.
  • When they’re ready, they’ll feel quite soft. Drain them and rinse under cold water.
  • Put the soft nuts in a blender, and add 2-4 cups of water over them. Blend and pulse for a couple of minutes to ensure that everything is mixed in properly. At this point you can add extra flavourings; see below for ideas.
  • When ready, you’ll have a ‘meal’ like texture that is ready to strain.
  • Place your bag in a bowl, or a large jug, with the top folded over the rim. Strain the mixture through your nut milk bag. Squeeze out any excess moisture.
  • Drink and enjoy! If you have leftovers (which may not happen; it’s so yummy), it can be stored in a sealed container for up to 5 days.

Fun Extras!

There are some great ways to add a little something fancy to your nut milk! Here are some of our favourite extras:

– Vanilla Extract or vanilla beans

– Raw cacao

– Cinnamon

– Fresh strawberries

– Lavender

– dates

Equally Delicious Alternatives to Almond’s in your Nut Milk

Simply substitute any of these alternatives for the almonds as part of this recipe.

– Nuts: Cashews, macadamias, hazelnuts

– Grains: Oats, rice, quinoa


Ready to make your own nut milk? Let’s go! Treat yourself to your own nut milk bag here and get making. Check out this great video from Goodful which highlights 4 ways to make nut milk (don’t forget to add our nut milk bag!).

Why don’t you share the recipe with friends? Don’t forget to let us know your favourite variations on social media! (We give away a pack of food wraps each month – share and tag @sustomi to go into the draw.)


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