Get the most out of your avocados.  Salads, on toast, for vegan delights or just as a delicious snack, Avos are a go-to fruit (yes… fruit)!

At SUSTOMi we are all about finding better ways to store our food.  Keeping tabs on how your food is stored in your kitchen can save you a lot of money (potentially hundreds!) each year.  How many avos do you throw out each year?




Personally, I LOVE avocado on toast.  Yes, I’m a millennial and no I don’t own a house (yet), and yes, I have to admit I know of a few dragon skinned avo’s that have made it into the compost.

Say you purchase 1 avocado per week, on average.  You use ¾ of that said avo on average. The avo costs you $2.50 each time.  You throw the left-over bit in the back of the fridge and promptly forget about it only to find it 2 weeks later looking not so pretty.

Some simple maths:

52 avocados x $2.50 = $26 per year

$130 x 20% wasted = $32.5 literally going in the bin (or hopefully compost bin) each year.

That’s at least 1 whole servings of the old faithful smashed avo brunch go to not enjoyed!

Here in this article you will learn how to save your money and look after your avocados properly, in a way that suits you.



Hard, unripe avocados can be ripened quickly by placing them in a paper bag with an apple or banana.  The natural gases released by the fruits speed up ripening process.

What about if your avo is going mushie way too soon.  Your best bet is to take advantage of them right away.  Avoid heat and really cold temperatures.  A cool bench top is likely a great place for these little fellas.


Cutting into the avocado causes cellular wall damage, meaning oxidation occurs and the gorgeous green flesh quickly turns into a not so appetising brown.

No one wants a brown avo in their insta pics.  Adding a little acidic agent and preventing the exposure to oxygen will reduce the risk of sudden avo death.

Tip 1: Keep the flesh in the skin when storing.  Slicing or removing the flesh will expose it more oxygen and speed up the browning!

Tip 2: If you only need a small amount of avocado, instead of slicing around the middle and opening into two even sections, try slicing the top (narrow section) off, just above the pip. This reduces the surface area exposed.


Beeswax wraps (for avocado perfection).

Beeswax has incredible food storage properties – it keeps away microbes and maintains a level of airtightness that allows the good gases in and the bad out.  With its malleable nature, the wrap will cling to itself around your avocado, keeping it nice and safe.  

Cling wrap (yuck!)

While it does make a very air-tight seal, we just can’t suggest this as a SUSTOMi preferred option.  We’re always making swaps and reducing our needs for single use plastics in the kitchen.  Let’s not rant about how big the plastic waste issue is here… it’s avocados spotlight today!  Avoid the plastic if you can.

Face down on a plate (risky)

It’s a super simple option – take a plate, remove the pip and pop it down.  You won’t get a super good seal, but it is an option for those who don’t yet have wraps or other storage container options.

Using an acidic agent (risky)

Any of these magical, natural kitchen friends will help keep them fresh. A sprinkle on the surface is all it takes:

  • Lemon juice
  • Lime juice
  • Orange juice
  • Vinegar
  • Onion (Probably have a think about the next use for the avo – don’t want to mix onion with the wrong salad! Simply sprinkle the juice on the cut edge, then store it in one of the above airtight options).

Dealing with the dreaded accidentally cut, unripe avo

Isn’t it horrible to cut into a fresh avo to only feel what resembles a slimy green rock on the inside?  The good news is there are ways to save the precious avocado!

We recommend storing it in something airtight and keeping it in the fridge or on the bench, depending how soon you want to consume it. If it does happen to brown before it’s ripe, simply slice off the brown bits – you’ll find a green treasure waiting.


What is the secret to a good avo life?

Keeping the oxygen away! Store avocados with airtight packaging.


Our favourite storage method

Beeswax wraps! For the added freshness (and full disclosure: for bringing the cuteness factor to your fridge – featuring artwork from Shuh Lee below).