It’s officially gift-wrapping season! One of the best parts about the holidays is wrapping gifts for loved ones. But if you’ve ever had to fill a bin with wrapping paper and ribbon, you know how much waste is involved! In Australia alone, we use (and throw out) over 8,000 tons of wrapping paper! What to do? We know wrapping a gift is part of the gift itself – it shows thoughtfulness, care and love. So, we want to introduce you to our sustainable gift wrapping of choice: Furoshiki.

What is Furoshiki?

Furo-what-now? Furoshiki – the art of Japanese gift wrapping. Traditionally, furoshiki are squares of fabric that are used for carrying, storing and gifting things. They range in size and can be folded and tied in many different ways, which makes them so versatile and suitable for just about any gift! 

Another wonderful thing about furoshiki is that the fabric you use is a bonus gift for the receiver! They can either use it themselves or gift it on. You can include some instructions on how to fold it or show them yourself, then your furoshiki becomes like a travelling gift to the earth, reducing paper waste everywhere it goes! 

5 Ways to Wrap Your Gifts with Furoshiki

Here’s a little video we put together showing you a few different ways of wrapping a gift furoshiki-style! And don’t forget you can get your SUSTOMi. gift purchases furoshiki-wrapped by us just by adding the Furoshiki Gift Wrap to your cart. Maybe even get a few extra for your other gift purchases!


A Few Other Low Waste Gift Wrapping Options

  • Magazines, old books, vintage maps, calendars, wallpaper or sheet music 
  • Paper grocery bags or fancy paper shopping bags – you can add old xmas cards to cover logos
  • Beeswax wrap – beautifully vibrant and ready to wrap around just about anything!
  • Butcher paper – white or brown butcher paper is perfect for wrapping! You can keep it plain & minimalist or brighten it up with paint or markers.
  • Mason jar gifts – perfect for recipe ingredients, homemade beauty items (e.g. body scrub), etc.
  • Children’s artwork – if you have children, you likely have more artwork than you know what to do with! Until now, that is. They will love seeing their masterpieces adorning gifts and family members, especially, will love receiving them!
  • Twine or string for tying it all up
  • Natural elements – forage some pinecones, twigs and fallen leaves for that final touch 

Low waste gift wrapping is absolutely doable and likely more enjoyable than you previously thought! We’d love to know how you furoshiki, see your creations and hear what your loved ones think of their furoshiki gift, so leave us a comment or tag us and use the hashtag #SustomiFuroshiki on Instagram – we’ll be featuring the best furoshikis! 

You can check out the amazing and inspiring Reema from Lotion Bar Co here.

Do you have your own Furoshiki story? 

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