“Art is about sharing and learning from a creative community.”  Shuh Lee


Shuh Lee: A talented creative

Dreaming of how you want your world to look, or how happy a fridge full of gorgeous colours and feel-good designs will make you feel? When deciding on our next artist collaboration for our designer beeswax wrap range, we knew fun and vibrance were essential characteristics.

We talk to Shuh about dreams, our limited-edition Beeswax Wrap print collaboration.



Introducing the gorgeous, creative, Shuh Lee.

Shuh moved to Melbourne from Kuala Lumpur to study Fashion Design at RMIT.  She found her dream – imagining, dreaming, creating, drawing and sewing all things fun!

Shuh’s extensive talents encompasses a kaleidoscope of jewellery, illustrations, prints, bedding and scarves, all designed in her home studio in Melbourne.  See her full range here.


    What was the idea behind the ‘Dreams’ print: 

    “I had this vision of creating a very colourful artwork using the shapes and colours that came to my mind.  It represents how unpredictable dreams can be.”

    Shuh draws inspiration from animations, documentaries and travel, every item produced requires time, care and intensive labour (of love!).  Her business Shuh. is about using a mixture of art and craft to turn colourful objects into something usable, wearable and fun. Raw finishes, organic shapes and oversized silhouettes are experimented with in different materials to create vibrant and unique keepsakes.

    What goals or ethos do you live by?

    “Right now, I am watching a lot of Oprah talks on YouTube and I love this particular line she mentioned –  ‘work on yourself, fill yourself up and keep yourself full’.”  

    Shuh’s choice to embrace work as an artist came after graduating and moving into a string of retail, admin and random jobs.  She really felt that there was something missing – a space that could be filled with creation and art

    What do you love about having your own business?

    “I love having my own business because it allows me to express my work freely.” 

    Shuh Lee is the artist behind our newest limited edition print.  Discover more of her beautiful work on Instagram and her website.

    When we met Shuh at Finders Keepers in Melbourne we were instantly enchanted by her gorgeous designs. Honestly, we can’t get enough of the dreams beeswax wrap design!  This is one for a living room wall hanging! 


    The designer beeswax wraps

    Shuh’s gorgeous designs are our current limited-edition designer Beeswax Wrap print.