Why we should use reusable coffee cups

Did you know that most coffee cups can’t be recycled? Most paper-based cups are lined with a polyethylene membrane, meaning they are not recyclable, and are not biodegradable!

According to Sustainability Victoria, Australians on average throw away a shocking 2.7 million coffee cups per day- easily leading to well over a billion coffee cups in landfill every year!

By investing in a reusable takeaway coffee cup, not only will you be doing your part in saving the planet, but a lot of places offer up to a 50 cent discount on your coffee just for bringing your own cup! If you buy a single coffee every weekday for a year, bringing your own cup could save you up to $130 a year! (It may not be much, but it can get you a nice eco-Airbnb for a night away,

It’s no secret that single use coffee cups are one of the most prominent forms of waste found in streets, parks and waterways, so why are we still using them? We’ve tackled this problem by compiling a small list of the best reusable coffee cups we’ve used for your coffee needs.

Here’s SUSTOMi’s picks for some of the best, reusable coffee cups Australia has to offer.

For the ‘stylish coffee connoisseur’

Pottery for the Planet has such a wide variety of handmade, reusable, stylish, ceramic coffee cups to choose from. With so many gorgeous designs to pick from, they really do have something for everyone. Why not get a couple to keep in various places (the office, the car, you bag and home) so you never forget your reusable cup? The ceramic material of the cup also ensures you get that great café coffee taste, without compromising on your time or the environment.

For the market stallholders who need a hot coffee, 5 hours in

YETI is a brand known for their coolers, however they also make amazing insulated coffee cups! There are plenty of different colours to choose from, and they will keep your coffee hot for up to 6 hours! These sleek cups are also have a stacking feature, meaning if you’re constantly juggling your co-workers, family’s or partners takeaway cups- these will make that commute from your coffee shop to destination that much easier!

For the cool wine (and coffee) lovers

There is nothing better than sipping a cool glass of wine at the beach. What if your coffee cup was also a great insulator for keeping your on-the-go wine cold? Klean Kanteen’s sleek insulated tumbler is perfect for those wanting to feel a little bit fancy treating themselves with a well deserved wine on the beach! The double insulated wall keeps iced drinks cold for up to 10 hours, while being equally as functional for keeping your chai toasty warm for up to two hours!

For the forgetful or clumsy

Frank Green’s ceramic cups are not only stylish and functional, but they also have a button top lid- meaning they won’t spill any coffee all over your bag. What’s even cooler is that you can get a variation with a credit card function- meaning you can use your coffee cup to pay for your coffee and lunch so you’ll never go hungry when you leave your wallet at home again!

We’ve all been there, we’ve dropped our cute glass KeepCup, had the glass shatter all over the floor and had a big crying moment in public over it. The great thing about Frank Green cups is that they are so resistant to drops that they won’t shatter on you, and the paint on them is also chip-proof, meaning your cup will stay cuter for longer!

From personal experience, coffee temperature tends to last around 4-5 hours in the ceramic cups.

For the time poor eco-warrior

Keeping things neat and tidy is a real struggle in most people’s lives, so your reusable coffee cup should work around your needs, not the other way around! Made from the waste husks of old coffee beans (yay! For repurposing waste!), Huskee cups are super comfortable to hold, sleek to fit comfortably in your bag and come in stylish muted colours. The best part about them? They’re dishwasher safe, meaning they are super easy to keep clean- when all you have to do is pop them in the dishwasher after a long day at work!

For those with time on their hands

The best, easiest and most cost-effective option for those who just want to enjoy a nice coffee is to dine in! Take 5-15 minutes out of your busy day to wind down with your coffee, bonus points if your café of choice is table service as you deserve to be waited on and spoiled!

For the clean-living, city chick

Not everyone likes putting hot liquids into plastics, and for a good reason! Some plastics can leach hormone disrupting toxins into it’s contents. Although it’s not a blanket rule across all plastic products, many people do choose to steer clear. Cue the super stylish, bold, glass reusable coffee cup. Our friends at Sol Cups have bold colours and a super versatile cup design to keep your coffee looking great, and also providing an all-rounder travel cup (on-the-go yogurt and granola is much tastier in a super cute cup!). You’ll feel right at home walking down Bondi, on the tram in Melbourne, or on your lunch coffee run.

For those who enjoy the classics

You can’t go wrong with an absolute classic- the KeepCup. It’s perfect for those on their way to work or lectures, who will drink their coffee within 30 minutes and are looking for a replacement for a basic throwaway cup.

With so many different materials (plastic, glass and cork) and colours to mix and match with, there’s a design that is sure to please anyone.


Team Sustomi’s top pick?

We held a vote within our little Sustomi family about which reusable cup their go-to, and the results were…

Huskee- 4 votes

SOL cups- 2 votes

Frank Green- 1 vote


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