Silicone reusables

Simplicity meets practicality with our range of silicone reusables made from one abundant natural resource – silicon. Our silicone food covers are the perfect reusable, see-through, vegan alternative to plastic food wrap. Stretchy and grippy, they will help keep your leftovers fresh and ready to eat. Our silicone food pouches are more than just a plastic-free alternative to zip lock bags, they are the leftovers and meal prep allies you’ve been needing – they can handle it all (including liquids)!

The entire range is heat-proof, leak-proof, stain-proof (let’s just say life-proof!), freezer-, oven- and dishwasher-safe – basically, anything you can throw at them! Go reusable today with two great products in a range of sizes that will last for decades and bring extra convenience to meal preparation.

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