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Stainless steel Metal straw 6 pack (2 cocktail, 2 regular, 2 smoothie, 1 cleaner), you’ll be set for any occasion that involves drinking!

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Stainless steel Metal straw 6 pack (2 cocktail, 2 regular, 2 smoothie, 1 cleaner)

Share a moment with your bestie over a homemade smoothie or a laugh over a cocktail. SUSTOMi i packs of 6 metal straws are the perfect accompaniment for any drink, at home or at your favourite café in town. Keep your straws in your zero waste kit, and you’ll be ready for any delectable drink that comes your way!

You’ll be set for any occasion with this bag of goodies. Take your metal straws to your fave café, cocktail bar or make smoothies at home for you and a friend.

Style Size Use inspiration
Cocktail – slim, bent 0.6×21.5cm, with bend For stylish cocktails, practical kids’ drinks
Regular – slim, straight 0.8×21.5mm For home made juices or sweet drinks out and about
Smoothie – wide, straight 1.2×21.5cm For nourishing smoothies or delectable bubble tea!

2 x Straight Multi-purpose straw (0.8x22cm)

2 x Bent cocktail straw (0.6x21cm)

2 x Thick smoothie straw (1.2x22cm)

1 x Straw cleaning brush

Lets ditch plastic for good and refuse single use straws, be part of the revolution.

Pair your smoothie straws with our bees wax wraps to keep your fruit fresh and funky.


  • Food grade stainless steel, silver colour

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