Personalised Beeswax Wraps


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Imagine your food wrapped in a gorgeous design – YOUR design. Get your kids artwork, a photo of a loved one, or your fave coloured pattern onto your very own beeswax wraps – hello unique gifts! Express your style when going low-waste.

Handmade in Hobart, our personalised beeswax wraps meet the premium quality of our SUSTOMi beeswax wraps, adding the uniqueness of you.



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How to order personalised beeswax wraps

  1. Upload artwork above (a high-quality photo, scan, or digital artwork file). See more instructions below on getting your artwork files ready.
  2. Select your size and quantity.
  3. Finalise your order and start dreaming of how you’ll love your personal beeswax wrap.

Guide to getting your artwork ready

  • Square shape
  • High resolution, 300 dpi is recommended
  • Name your files with the name used in your order. E.g. Sally Smith Large 1, Sally Smith Medium 2…

Your design is digitally printed on cotton fabric, meaning you can use any colours without a limit. Our prints come out with a high level of detail – we’ve successfully made photographs come to life! So, don’t be afraid with including some detail in your design.

Once the fabric is waxed with the beeswax, some colours may darken. We find whites turn a little yellow-ish and the darker tones such as royal blues can turn slightly darker. We recommend providing your artwork with the colour you desire, keeping in mind white will not be 100% clean white.

Design with a square in mind! All wraps are made to be squares. If you supply a rectangular image, we will  shrink your image down to fit within the specifications of the size ordered.

Once submitted, artwork is final. Once sent to the printer, it’s a huge challenge to change designs. We do our best to make necessary edits. Once it’s gone to for printing we can’t make changes.

**By providing artwork files for print you are acknowledging that you have full ownership, permissions or licensing rights to reproduce and replicate a print/artwork/design/drawing/illustration.

How to create your personalised wrap design file

  1. Take a photo, create a digital design ( is awesome!) or scan your artwork.
  2. Crop your design to the desired border of your wrap. We will do the resizing for you – if it is the exact dimensions as your wrap, that will help immensely.
  3. Upload your design to our online uploader

We’re on stand-by if you need help! or 0479 150 002.


About our beeswax wraps

Directions of use

With just the natural warmth from your very own hands, smooth the wrap over your bowls, or directly on your food – just like you’re using a plastic wrap, but with good feels only.

Be pleasantly surprised by fresher food. Try wrapping:

  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • Bread and baked goods
  • Sandwiches and lunch wraps
  • Covering bowls
  • Avocados
  • And more!

How to care for your beeswax wraps           

Simply wash your wrap with your hands after each use. Rinse it under warm-cold water or wipe it with a damp cloth and a little bit of detergent. Avoid heat and oily foods such as raw meats.

Measurements/size guide

Size Dimensions Best size for… 2-pack 3-pack 4-pack Single packs – 1 x size of choice
Small 17x17cm Small cheeses, half cut small vegetables, avocadoes, snacks on-the-go X X X X
Medium 27x27cm Covering small bowls, lunch wraps, muffins/baked goods x X X X
Large 34x34cm Sandwiches, salad rolls, pumpkin/large vegetables, covering salad bowls X X X
Extra-large 38×46.5cm Watermelon, small loaves of bread, covering baking trays/casserole dishes, leafy green vegetables X
Giant 38x65cm Loaves of bread, Large leafy green vegetables X



  • Organic Tasmanian beeswax
  • Natural tree resin
  • Pure jojoba oil
  • GOTS certified organic cotton


Country of Origin

Our beeswax wraps are handmade in our Hobart studio from local and certified organic  ingredients where possible.

Looking for large quantities of custom wraps? 

See our Corporate Gifting page

Additional information

Beeswax Wrap Size

Extra-large (38x46cm), Large (34x34cm), Medium (27x27cm), Small (17x17cm)