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reusable food wrap is great for keeping snacks!

Sometimes when we are out and about we just need a little bit of an energy boost. Keep a handful of nuts, dried fruit, veggie sticks, or whichever snack you fancy with you at all times with this on-the-go snack pouch. It is so advantageous over a plastic container not only as it is not plastic, rather because when you finish your snacks, simply fold up the wrap and it will take up virtually no space in your bag. It is a container that changes size and shape as you require.
A small or medium wrap transformed into a snacks on-the-go pouch is perfect for a handful of foods.

how to:

1. Fold your reusable wrap in half.reusable food wrap how to use it

reusable food wrap how to use it
2. Fold over approximately 0.5cm of the long edge. Fold over at least twice.reusable food wrap how to use it

reusable food wrap how to use it
3. Use the warmth in your fingers to press the edges together so that it seals and holds shape.
4. Repeat on 1 of the short edges. Open up and you now have a pouch!reusable food wrap how to use it
5. Fill up the pouch. Make sure that you leave approximately 3cm at the open edge so that your pouch can be closed.reusable food wrap how to use it
6. Repeat the folding process with the open edge.reusable food wrap how to use it
7. Fold over each of the corners and press for extra strength and security for your snacks.reusable food wrap how to use it
8. Pop your reusable food wrap snack pouch into your bag and have a fabulous, energised day!reusable food wrap how to use it

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