Storing herbs can be a success or a very quick brown, soggy mess in the bottom of the fridge.  Get the most out of your herbs today with these quick tips.


Storing Basil, coriander and parsley: a fragrant bouquet.

Trip the ends of your bunches and place in a glass of water, leave out at room temperature. 

Herbs can quickly go wilted, soggy and slimy when stored incorrectly.  In warmer climates you can store your herbs in the fridge but be aware the leaves getting chilled and turning black. 

Your herbs will last up to a week on the bench, check every couple of days to ensure the water doesn’t dry up. 

Storing Chives, thyme and rosemary.

These strongly scented beauties are slightly delicate herbs. 

Loosely wrap up your herbs and store in the door of the refrigerator in a beeswax wrap.  A good solution is to make your wrap into a pouch and slide the herbs in before folding down the flap. 

This will ensure they aren’t wrapped too tightly and help to avoid mould.