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This is a guest post, provided by the lovely Georgia Rossetto, of Launceston Dietetics.

Top 5 Wrappable, healthy lunch box ideas!

These are my 5 fav wrappable lunch box ideas because they are packed full of nutrients that kids often don’t get enough of during the school day. Kids love colour, shapes and packets – it makes their lunch box exciting! Colourful food wraps are a great way to do this while caring for the environment as well.  Involving kids in planning and packing their lunch box can often go a long way to making sure they eat what’s in there! If your child has food allergies or is a picky eater getting help from a dietitian can make sure they are getting the nutrients they need and can help keep you as parents sane!

1.Black Bean Brownies

Tasty Black Bean Brownies  A fabulous gluten-free option that is high in fibre and protein. Much needed nutrients that kids often don’t get enough of during the day. I use maple syrup instead of honey because I prefer the flavour. Try experimenting with adding different options such as choc chips, walnuts or raspberries.


2. Crunchy Seedy Crackers

No nasties, this powerhouse of nutrients is a great way to have a filling, crunchy snack that is actually healthy! Nut free so it’s a great option to take to schools where nuts aren’t allowed.


3. Wholesome Muesli Bars

I love that these aren’t sticky and messy for little fingers. They hold well together and don’t crumble. Try different combinations in the muesli such as cashew and date or almond and apricot. Don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on organic eggs – regular eggs will still do the trick.


4. Colourful Vegie Sticks

Colourful Vegie Sticks – Carrot sticks, celery, cherry tomatoes, snow peas (with hommous, vegie dip, tzatziki or cream cheese) or fill celery sticks with hommous and dot with sultanas. Sounds cliché but these are one of THE BEST options for school lunch boxes. If kids are only getting their veg from lunch and dinner it is really hard for them to get enough over the day. Having them as a snack is a perfect way to boost their intake. Make it interesting with different shapes, colours and dress them up with dips, nut butters and dried fruit.

5. Filling Mini Frittatas

Substitute deli meats for homemade cold roast beef or shredded chicken. A nice savoury option giving a protein punch to help keep them strong and fill them up.

mini frittatas

All the recipes can be modified to be nut free if needed by substituting with extra seeds. If sending perishable items to school – make sure you add an ice block or frozen drink bottle to their lunch box. Great way to teach kids about food safety too!! For more info or lunchbox help get in contact with Georgia at Launceston Dietetics on (03) 6388 8111.

Black Bean Brownies –

Crunchy Seedy Crackers –

Wholesome Muesli Bar –

Filling Mini Frittatas –



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