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  • Rebel Sport
  • Body by Madison - Health Coach
  • University of Tasmania
  • Nike
  • Sush
  • Own Body Physiotherapy
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Which products can I get co-branded for corporate gifting?

Beeswax wraps cotton tote bag Cotton market bag washable paper lunch bags produce bags +more! Ask us about which products may work for you.

What can I get customised on my corporate gifts?

We’re pleased to offer flexibility with how branded products are customised. Add a loud and proud logo to your market bag, or a discrete brand mark to a tab tag on a washable paper lunch bag. See the above examples of how we’ve branded products in the past.

What can I get customised on my beeswax wraps?

Have your brand image front and centre of your dearest clients lunch with a full design customisation. Choose a special artwork, or keep it simple with a simple logo-only design.

Our wraps are fully customisable, from the design on the material to the packaging.

What sizes are beeswax wraps available in?

There’s a size for everything you’re #1 fans need to wrap in their kitchens!

Keeping to our low-waste ethos, the sizes below create minimal wastage in our production process, so we suggest you keep to these sizes:

S: 17 x 17 cm

M: 27 x 27cm

L: 34 x 34 cm

XL: 38 × 46.5 cm

Our best seller is the 3-pack with a small, medium and large beeswax wrap. It gets all your basic needs covered. Make a pack of the sizes you want. Ask us about creating a combo of wraps in a mixed-pack best suiting your needs. E.g. cheese, avocado, sandwich and salad bowl wraps all in 1 pack!

How much do co-branded custom beeswax wraps cost?

Prices start from $4.71 per unit. We understand your requirements are unique – get in touch and we will create a quote to suit your exact needs. Simply fill out a few quick details and we will send you the details directly to your inbox (or via phone - 0479 150 002, we also love speaking to real people).

How long does it take to make custom beeswax wraps?

Making a batch of your own custom beeswax wraps can take from 3-6 weeks, depending on the size of your order. For smaller orders we use a local fabric printer, whereas large orders may take longer due to fabric production time.

Testimonials: Who we’ve already worked with:

We’ve already provided for companies such as advertising agencies, sporting clubs, and corporate events with a swag bag – with a fantastic response The feedback from their clients and event attendees has been very positive, around receiving an eco-friendly gift they really want to take home!

Get the finer details: Let’s chat! Our office number is 0479 150 002, and our email is

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