Is your home making you sick?

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Over 1/3 of properties in Australia are water-damaged. This can have devastating health effects...

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Is your home making you sick?

Research shows that 24% of our population are at high risk of long-term illness from mould exposure. Genetic make-up may prevent the creation of antibodies to mould, and certain living conditions make this group more susceptible. The way our houses are built, the materials used, water damaging events, floods, ventilation, heating/cooling methods, chemicals used in cleaning etc. may all contribute to buildings being prime environments for you and your family to develop debilitating illnesses.

Could your symptoms be due to mould?

Do you have any of the following: Asthma, CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), Chronic fatigue, Recurring upper and lower respiratory tract infections, colds & flus, Recurring Pneumonia, Persistent cough or wheezing, Autoimmune diseases, or Allergies?

If so, consider whether mould in their homes or workplaces may be making them sick!

Your Mould Testing technician, Bronwyn.

A background in sustainable and low-waste living, plus her own health journey has driven Bronwyn to pursue Building Biology. Involvement in renovation projects and a keen interest in health through an exercise science degree has equipped Bronwyn with experience in buildings and health. She understands everyone’s needs differ, and places clients’ budgets and individual needs at the forefront.When she is not helping clients or working on her brand SUSTOMi, you'll likely find her painting, making her home super cosy, or embracing a slow, Tassie life!


By conducting comprehensive on-site inspections, the aim is to identify the source of the moisture and the extent of any damage and mould particulate spread. Recommendations are then given on how to proceed to remove the source of particulates (mould, moisture, toxicants, pests etc.) in order to restore the building to a healthy state.

An inspection may include visual inspections, moisture mapping, air sampling or surface sampling in areas such as: outdoor areas, HVAC/heating/cooling systems, bedding, pet areas, kid’s toys, roof and floor cavities, plumbing, building materials, appliances, or suspected troubled rooms.

As a Mould Testing Technician, it is my role to understand how and where mould can grow and cause issues in buildings, and what steps to take towards fixing the issues. This may include referrals to IICRC certified mould remediators, relevant tradespeople and appropriate advice to remove the source of moisture and toxic mould.

1. Pre-inspection phone call with client

2. Client completes questionnaire (health, building history and lifestyle)

3. Site inspection and sample collectionSamples are analysed at a microbiology laboratory

4. Client receives comprehensive report including recommendations

5. Inspection follow-up call

I offer mould inspections for residential and commercial properties, and pre-lease and pre-purchase inspections.

Moisture meter – Protimeter MMS3

Thermal Imaging camera – Flir One Pro

ATP meterBiotape sampling

Swab sampling

Air sampling - Buck Biopump

UV torch


Appropirate PPE

Residential inspection with recommendations summary: from $450 plus cost of sampling*^

Full residential inspection with detailed report including recommendations: From $750 plus cost of sampling*^

Pre-lease or pre-purchase inspections with detailed report: from $750^

Commercial inspection with detailed report including recommendations: Priced on a per-inspection basis

*biotape, swab or air sample tests. $90 per sample

^Cost depends on size of buiding and extent of the issue.

I offer mould assessments across Tasmania. I am based in Hobart and long-haul travel may incur a travel fee.

Getting a third party assessment done by someone who is not affiliated with the company who does the remediation is advised. This removes any conflict of interest arrising should the remeditation company test their own work. They could potentially rig the results to prove they have done an adequate job.

A building biologist or mould testing technician can be a great resource, to guide remediation required and assess effectiveness of remediation. We offer pre- and post-remediation testing.

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