The SUSTOMi Story

Styling sustainability - a love story

One afternoon on a kitchen bench, young Tassie creative, Bronwyn Kidd, decided to get sticky with some beeswax and fabric. This was back in the day when skinny jeans were the peak of fashion and zero-waste, sustainable living and plastic free alternative options were taking the leap from markets to online stores globally.

A few years, and a few thousand markets later, Bronwyn made the leap to her very own online mini empire, bringing a stylish skew to the neutrals and hessian vibe associated with low waste living.

How we help you live a fresher, more organised life.

We focus on helping you find gorgeously stylish solutions for getting organised and living a happier, healthier life. From the prettiest reusable coffee cups to kits to help you sort your meal prep, fridge organisation and pantry, you’ll love the “oh-so-sorted” feeling you get from Sustomi-fying your life.


    Scandi-inspired design, pops of colour and of course eco friendly, our products focus on giving you an enjoyable, vibe enhancing experience with every use,

    Sustainability isn’t just about how a product is made, it’s also about making sure products last the distance. Everything we list on our store goes through a rigorous vetting process to make sure it meets our strong environmental values criteria.

    Our goal is for our customers to use and enjoy our products everyday - we’ve all bought ‘sustainable’ products which you have to keep re-buying, defeating the purpose of low waste living. Keep your stylish low waste kits in your handbag, fridge and panty ready to use again and again… and again.

Bronwyn, Creator of SUSTOMi

I personally endorse all the products we sell. Sustomi is about fresh, stylish, organised living that’s sustainable - both in terms of design, and including these habits in your life long term for a happier, healthier life. - Bronwyn Kidd, Founder