Get your food freshly sorted, plastic free!

Pieces of plastic saved!

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Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day

Where are you at in your 3R's journey? We are forever a work in progress, we focus on Reducing...

If you’re like me, using single use plastics for food makes you feel all icky inside! Knowing it contributes to plastic waste kick-starts your change-maker mindset.
This is where SUSTOMi started.
I dream of a world where you feel healthy, energised, and feel great about our clean, plastic pollution free planet. This is why I’ve made it SUSTOMi’s mission to reduce waste and single-use plastics in your daily life to help nurture the future we all desire – starting in the kitchen!
Here, you’ll find realistic alternatives for plastic packaging for food (check out our signature beeswax wraps and food pouches) and guidance on how to reduce food waste and get your life, freshly sorted!
I can’t wait to welcome you as our newest low-waste warrior (are you ready to be granted your ‘Sustomer’ title?!).



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