Fresh Veggie Storage Guide - Free Downloadable

Your free guide to how to store fresh vegetables all year round.

Ever wandered what vegetables can be stored where and for how long? Each vegetable has a different shelf life and you can really make your veggies last if you store them right!

So we have a gift for you: Fresh Food Storage Guide - your free guide on how to store veggies all year round.

Learn what veggies need to be stored where and for how long, making sure your veggies never go to waste again.

From greens to potatoes, eggplant to mushrooms, this is your guide to learning what can be frozen, dried, made into sauce, pickled and put back in the earth to grow.

Download your storage guide here, choose your favourite colour, print it up and stick it on your fridge!

  Fresh Food Storage Guide Aquamarine

fresh food veggie storage guide

Fresh Food Storage Guide Teal

fresh food storage guide teal

Fresh Food Storage Guide Orange

fresh food storage guide orange

Fresh Food Storage Guide Hot Pink

fresh food storage guie pink

Fresh Food Storage Guide Black

fresh food stroage guide black


Download our Fresh Fruit Storage Guide here.

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