Welcome to the SUSTOMi September Campaign

How is your mojo these days?

With the focus on COVID and so many of us in and out of lockdown we have noticed that motivation for many of us seems a little low  understandably!

We want to help by doing something to help people feel a little more positive about life. 

Announcing…  our SUSTOMi September campaign a campaign focused around the things we can do right now  sustainably!

It’s all about feeling better and more in control of your life through sustainable living - in every sense of the word!

Do the SUSTOMi September Challenge at home - involve the whole family!

That means: 

  • getting organised, at home and in life in general - in ways we can all maintain without getting overwhelmed and adding to our stress (aka - sustainably!)
  • focusing on staying as healthy as we can through fresh, nourishing food (in a way that’s sustainable, long term!)
  • creating easy ways to live planet friendly (the absolute essence of our brand - environmental sustainability).

The SUSTOMi September campaign will be centred around a fun 21 day challenge card with each day focusing on doing one small thing to help get your life freshly organised - sustainably!


sustomi sustainable september 21 day day home life organisation challenge


So why would you get involved?

  • Feel part of a community all getting their lives freshly organised
  • Know you are making a difference by making planet-friendly swaps
  • Enjoy the mental health benefits of focusing on things you can control - not to mention mental health and wellbeing 

PLUS… stay tuned for a special competition announcement linked to this challenge!

waste free supermarket shopping sustomi sustainable septemebr


SO, what are you waiting for, download your challenge, read it, share it, print it… and start planning for a positive September - and get set to feel the feeling which only comes with getting your life freshly organised, with SUSTOMi and our community!


Bronwyn & The SUSTOMi Team


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