5 Simple Ways to go Plastic Free

The Perfect Plastic Free Picnic!

July is the perfect month to start your low-waste, plastic-free journey! Plastic Free July encourages you to live a waste free lifestyle and swap single-use plastics for reusable and eco-friendly items. But are you struggling to make the swap and ditch the plastic? It might seem like a challenge to change your habits and get rid of wasteful and disposable items, but never fear – SUSTOMi has you sorted with these five hot tips and easy everyday swap outs.

Ditch the Cling Wrap – use a Beeswax Wrap!

You all know that we are a fan of the reusable beeswax wrap – they are fantastic for SO many reasons. The perfect alternative to plastic wrap, sustainable and eco-friendly; our beeswax food wraps keep food fresh for longer, they are easy to use and clean, are biodegradable, dishwasher safe and all natural! Pop your leftovers in a bowl and cover them with a plastic free beeswax wrap, or keep your half-cut fruit and vegetables fresh by wrapping them in a beeswax wrap and popping in the fridge. The ways to use beeswax wraps are endless, check out our blog to find out all the fantastic ways to use a beeswax wrap.

No more Plastic Takeaway Containers, use a Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Did you know that you can take your own metal container or reusable box to the takeaway shop and can put your favourite dish inside to take home?! In fact Hobart has banned single-use plastic takeaway food packaging to move towards a single-use plastic free city! Read more about it here. There’s no better time like the present to get your own metal tiffin or lunch container! We have a beautiful leak proof, stainless steel and of course plastic free container that we take everywhere we go! Not only are they non-toxic, BPA-free and waste-free but they look great and are easy to clean, in fact we think food tastes even better out of them! Grab your own metal snack-box to take on-the-go today! 

Bulk Food Shopping over Supermarket Shopping 

Have you ever noticed that supermarkets are full of plastic? Yep, your fruit and vegetables comes wrapped in plastic that you then put in a plastic bag, along with your pasta in it’s own single-use plastic bag and the sauce in it’s plastic container – which may be recyclable but is definitely only single-use! We recommend saying bye to the supermarket and heading to your local bulk food store, you can get everything you need there, it may be a little more expensive but the quality is higher, the shopping experience is more enjoyable, and the best bit – it’s so much better for the environment! We recommend taking some of our recycled mesh shopping bags for fruit and vegetables, they are machine washable and the best produce bags around! Chuck them in with your reusable shopping bag such as our organic cotton tote bag and have your reusable mesh bags at the ready for your next trip to the bulk food shop!

Say no to Plastic Zip-lock Bags and yes to Reusable Silicone Food Pouches

Our plastic-free silicone food bags are the home and kitchen essential, perfect for storing snacks for on-the-go, or storing last night’s leftovers such as soup or curry. The silicone food storage pouch can also be used to store cut vegetables ready for meal prep, or even marinating dishes ready for the dinner ahead. They are dishwasher safe, leak-proof, BPA free, strong and versatile! Not only can they be used for food but also one of our favourite uses are to take on holiday – hold electric cables, cosmetics or wet bathers. Your organisational best friend! 

Never forget your Reusable Coffee Cup or Plastic-free Drink Bottle again!

The obvious one: saying no to a single-use takeaway cups and refuse plastic drink bottles. Yes, it may be the most easy to way to go plastic free but it is also the most easy to forget. Our solution: have multiple in your life! Keep your reusable cup in your car, handbag and one at home, same goes with your metal or non single-use bottle. With multiple in your life, it’s difficult to forget! Our favourite takeaway coffee cups are Huskee Cups and our recommendation for the perfect drink bottle to fit in your bag: the Memo Drink Bottle.


We have so many tips and tricks to living a plastic-free, low-waste life, find out more ways to ditch single-use plastic and take a step closer to the zero-waste lifestyle through our regular blog posts. What could be better than reducing your environmental footprint and in the long run, saving money!

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