5 Sustainable Valentines Gift Ideas that Show How Much You Care

Valentine’s Day is coming: a time of love, romance, chocolates and… over consumerism!

We love a good day celebrating love, but did you know there is great environmental impact from the amount of waste that occurs on Valentines Day?

Thousands of discarded heart shaped boxes, gift cards, imported flowers, half eaten non fair trade chocolates and so much gift wrap gone to waste!

So if you really want to show that special someone that you care, why not give them something that really shows that you DO care. Gifts that are sustainable, reusable and versatile are an excellent way to win your loved ones heart!

Picnic in the Park is the perfect Valentines Day Gift


Here are our top 5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Valentines Day.


  1. Sustainable Valentines Gifts for Her: Treat Yourself Hamper

Tell someone you care in a big way, with a mini Treat Yourself Gift Hamper from us. Filled with Tasmanian made tea and a gorgeous candle, chocolate for all the good feels, and a stylish SUSTOMi lunch bag - delight with the indulgent goodness of this Tasmanian gift hamper, it will tick all the boxes (I mean choccy, candle & tea – there’s your romantic evening sorted!).

Gift Hampers aren’t just for the females in your life, we have an assortment for everyone. Check out our range of Sustainable Gift Hampers here.


  1. Go on an Adventure: The perfect Zero-Waste Valentines Day

One way to celebrate valentines day that won’t contribute to the waste problem is by buying nothing at all – and instead doing something new – have an adventure! And by adventure we don’t mean sky diving (but by all means, if that’s your thing – go for it!), we mean experiencing something new. It could be as simple as a cooking class together, a bush-walk, a picnic in the park or a camping trip. The best memories are made when you are doing something different from the norm, so get out the house and experience life together!


  1. What to get your boyfriend or husband for valentines day: food!

There’s one thing that most men love, and that is food! And if it is food that you know they will enjoy, then it won’t go to waste! Bake some yummy (and healthy!) muffins, cook him dinner, purchase a box of his fave chocolates, or like our previous suggestion – be adventurous! And the best bit about this gift idea? You get to eat it too! This suggestion isn’t just for the men, obviously if your significant other loves food this is a great option… and if they aren’t a foodie then maybe you can convert them!

Here are a few suggestions to help you:

Loving Earth is our favourite sustainable and eco-friendly chocolate!

Or get the special someone a gift hamper full of delicious food from Tasmanian Gourmet Online, you could even combine the adventure with the food and take this hamper on your holiday! ?


  1. Staycation: The most sustainable Valentines Day

Yes, we suggested adventure… but how about a holiday at home? You could book your local AirBNB, or find a little shack in the next town over, or even just pop a tent up in the backyard. Pre-COVID, many couple would jet set across the world for Valentines Day, and flying obviously uses a great deal of carbon emissions. We think there is something so romantic about creating a little holiday in your home!


  1. Forget Valentines Day Roses, Plants are the perfect Valentines Day gift

The red rose is an iconic valentines day gift… but it is also a little… boring! Roses will die eventually, and while it might be a bit of a Beauty and the Beast moment, they don’t stay beautiful for long. In Australia, roses aren’t in season in February, so the environmental impacts of growing and then shipping them is huge! And this isn’t just the case for roses, many floral bouquets contain flowers that have been shipped across the country! So choose plants – they keep on growing – and we think that is a very romantic gesture of your relationship…


Some more Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas:

Tea from The Art of Tea: There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea, and sharing that with your partner is even better. The Art of Tea is handcrafted with love in Tasmania – the perfect gift for your love!

Washable Paper Lunch Bag: Doubles as a bag for your lunch, a stylish clutch, storage for your veggies – a place to put all your deepest valentines day love!

Eco Starter Bundle: help your special someone start their sustainable journey with this handy bundle. Including our signature beeswax wraps, metal straws, organic cotton tote bag and recycled mesh produce bags this bundle allows you to explore different aspects of sustainable swaps.

Stylish Face Mask: Unfortunately, when you’re out and about these days, you don’t see of your loved ones face, as most of it is covered with a face mask. So gift that special person a face mask that you enjoy looking at! Available in 14 vibrant and funky colours, and made with three layers, these masks look good, feel good and are oh so good for the environment.

Need more help? Our bundles are the perfect valentines day gift, they will tick all the boxes and help your partner kickstart their low-waste, sustainable journey.

Shop Bundles here.

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