6 Ingenious Uses for Reusable Beeswax Wraps

“Use this beeswax wrap instead of wrapping your sandwiches in plastic wrap!” 

We have heard this so many times, scratch that…we have said this SO many times. 

So, we sat down and had a think, we actually use our reusable beeswax wraps for so much more than wrapping up sandwiches!  Seriously, we hardly ever bring sandwiches to work - doughnuts turn up in our office more regularly than sandwiches!  Our addiction to sugar dusted dough aside; we took a break today to have a sit over a cuppa and a think about what are great uses for your versatile beeswax wraps. 

Beeswax Wrap folded into an origami box for eating snacks on the go.

Beeswax Wraps Keep Food Fresh for Longer 

We all use our beeswax wraps to keep our food fresh.  Our sustainable food wraps are so good at doing this we will wrap everything we can; from bread, to veggies, cheese and fruit.  We keep our stored items fresh throughout the week so that they are perfectly ready for quick dinner preparation.  

Instead of losing that pesky half a cucumber that always slips to the bottom of the veggie draw and becomes mush, we wrap it for our next salad!  We wrap cheese, quince paste and pate up in little beeswax wrap packages to take to a picnic in the park.  

And somehow, we manage to keep our bread fresh way past when it would normally go stale, by simply wrapping it in our giant Beeswax Wraps.  

The Odd Uses For Your Plastic Free Beeswax Wraps 

Although wrapping wraps is part of their name, we use them for other things too.  Can’t open your jar?  We have just the thing!  Try using a beeswax wrap; the slightly sticky beeswax will help you utilise all those muscles without slipping!  You will never accidentally damage the lids of your jars again by hitting them on the counter or levering them open.  

Another ingenious use is whipping them out in place of baking paper to freeze garden produce ready for the winter.  You can spread your berries out over the flattened beeswax wrap so that they individually freeze and when you put them into a bag, they don’t all stick together.  We find that if we individually freeze our berries, we end up using less because they haven’t clumped together making us defrost all of them at once.  This is fantastic for those older wraps that have lost a bit of their stick. 

Our 6 Ingenious Uses for Your Low-Waste Beeswax Wraps:

  1. Can’t find the right sized container? Fold a little origami box and DIY a bento box, then pop your cherry tomatoes with no worries.  This also works really well for separating up lunch boxes! 
  2. Sick of sharing the popcorn? Quickly make a scoop out of a wrap and whisk it away! 
  3. Forget a bag to put your earrings in at the pool? Fold up a little pocket wrap and pop them in there for safe-keeping.  
  4. Lost the lid? We just whip out a wrap and fold it over the container warming it with our hands to shape.  
  5. Picking flowers or wanting to give someone a pretty and functional gift? Grab a large Beeswax Wrapand try your hand at flower arrangement, wrapping up your bouquet with something eco-friendly and multi-use. 
  6. Trying to fill up your chia seed jar but spilling more that you catch? Make a funnel out of your wrap to decrease spilling potential! 

There are many more uses.  Our versatile and sustainable beeswax wraps can be used, and reused, over and over again! We would love to hear what your ingenious wrap hack is, comment below! 

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