6 Ways to Maintain Good Gut Health and Stay Healthy over Christmas

While we love all the indulgence and feasting of Christmas, the festive period can cause our routines to become out of whack, with irregular eating routines and over-indulging in Christmas Pudding (we are all guilty!). All the over-eating and change in routine can cause poor digestion and bowel irregularity which is not the Christmas present anyone wants!

Thankfully, the team at Imperfect Nutritionist are here to save the (holi) day! So before you start restricting yourself too much and worrying about not being able to enjoy all the Christmas treats, have a read of this informative blog… The Imperfect Nutritionist team are great nutritionists who believe that achieving optimal health is not through a perfect diet but rather, finding balance. Missy and Zoe (The Imperfect Nutritionist's) do not encourage restriction or elimination but rather moderation. So enjoy that glass of wine, eat that Christmas pudding… but just have some awareness… and read this blog!

delicious christmas feast from the imperfect nutritionist
  1. This Festive season Maintain a regular eating pattern

Throughout the festive season we always ensure to maintain a regular eating pattern such as eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at similar times during the day (while allowing for room Christmas pudding hehe). 


  1. Christmas Dinner: Cook food with an abundance of colourful vegetables

To ensure we are getting the right amount of nutrients during the silly season, we cook meals with an abundance of bright coloured veggies such as our Christmas Salad! It is also important to ensure we have a source of protein and fibre with each meal to keep us feeling satisfied - this includes chickpeas or cranberry chicken! 

Download Healthy Christmas Recipes from Imperfect Nutritionist


  1. Stay sustainable: Don’t waste leftover food - It’s tomorrows lunch!

Lots of food can go to waste during the festive period. This is why we always ensure to reduce wastage by making use of leftovers! Who doesn’t love a Christmas ham sandwich!?


  1. Avoid Christmas bloat with these foods

Throughout the festive period constant eating and drinking can make us feel bloated! Common debloaters include apple cider vinegar, lemon water, chia seeds, berries, and ginger. To prevent bloating or abdominal discomfort, it is also important to chew each mouthful of food until a paste (although this can sometimes be challenging when food tastes so good!). 


  1. Say goodbye to the Christmas Hangover with Orange Juice

Excessive alcohol consumption produces acetaldehyde as a byproduct - this nasty compound is the cause of hangovers and can be carcinogenic! Luckily, vitamin C, found in oranges, dark leafy greens, and tomatoes breaks down acetaldehyde and can help cure a hangover. The morning after an evening of drinking, have a nice big glass of cold-pressed orange juice! 


  1. Healthy Christmas Cocktails

As a cocktail mixer, choose kombucha or coconut water as a mixer! This will have less sugar and provide you with more nutrition. Coconut water is also hydrating as it is rich in electrolytes which will help prevent a hangover! 

Most importantly, a few days 'off the bandwagon' won't set back months of progress! Be nice to yourself during the festive season. 

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Zoe and Missy - The Imperfect Nutritionist Team


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