Cloth Napkin vs Paper Napkin: Make the Switch & Impress this Christmas

Eeeek – you’re the host for Christmas dinner this year… you’ve planned the meal, the xmas decorations look fabulous, all the festive drinks are sorted and you’ve even got a great Christmas playlist to go with it! Hmmm… but something is missing… you’ve visualised the table setting in your head, your plates, cutlery, glasses… and… that’s right! Napkins!

reusable cotton cloth napkin

Why Eco-friendly Cotton Cloth Napkins are the best addition to your Christmas Dinner

After all the hours of preparation and stress, don’t ruin the effort you have gone to with daggy disposable paper napkins. Your delicious meal deserves to have beautiful reusable organic cotton napkins to compliment it. It’s the final addition to the perfect Christmas dinner, and shows your guests that you really care, not only about them, but also about the environment. Paper serviettes look terrible alongside a beautiful setting, plus there is the huge amount of waste with disposable paper napkins.

Why should I stop using single-use paper napkins?

Everyone has been to a party where you wipe your face down with a disposable paper napkin, throw it away and then wipe your hands down for the next course with another paper napkin… Imagine your 10 guests at Christmas dinner all doing that, that’s at least 20 napkins… and every house on your street doing the same thing… Yep, that’s a lot of paper! While individual paper napkins may have a small carbon footprint, if everyone on Christmas day used one, collectively the impact is huge. The production of napkins contributes to deforestation, global warming and then once they have been used – a huge waste problem.

Our Double Sided Cotton Cloth Napkins are machine washable and with a great life expectancy, these reusable beauties leave no trace (on the planet or your visitors shirts).

Why are disposable paper napkins so bad?

There’s the waste problem… but we haven’t gone into the ingredients. You’re probably thinking: “But I can recycle or compost my napkins?” Yes, we hear you and we thought the same thing, but in actual fact a lot of paper napkins contain a highly toxic chemical: dioxin. Dioxin is found in paper products that have been bleached using a chlorine process… and you’re wiping your face with that?! Yuck!

More info on what toxins you should avoid in your kitchen at this blog.

How to use your Cotton cloth napkin

You can use your cotton cloth napkin just like you would use your everyday paper napkin… but in many more ways! The most obvious use is alongside your beautiful dinner you’ve just cooked (or ordered – we aren’t judging) but you can also use your reusable cotton cloth napkin as a place-mat, on a baby’s changing mat, or is your home missing some art? Well our beautiful cotton napkins are all made with our iconic SUSTOMi prints, so yes, frame them, hang them up and enjoy a pop of colour on your wall!

How to fold your reusable Cotton cloth napkin

Our beautiful cloth napkins can be folded into many interesting and fun shapes, including a swan, a rose, a holder for your cutlery… or our SUSTOMi favourite a cooked chook (check out our Instagram for a step by step guide on how to fold a napkin into a cooked chook!) Have fun, get creative and make your dinner setting a true work of art!

Check out this post on How to Fold a Napkin in 10 Beautiful Ways


cotton cloth napkin folded into a cooked chook

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