De-clutter your Home and Living Space: Home Organisation Inspiration

Inspiration to help you de-clutter your home and get organised.

Do you feel just a little suffocated by your home right now? Like you’ve spent way too much time stuck at home over 2020 and beyond. And that no matter how hard you try, it feels like keeping on top of all your ‘stuff’ is an overwhelming job you just can’t get to?
Well it’s time to de-clutter your home and life with these organisation and de-cluttering tips and tricks! Stop hoarding, start organising and live a simple clutter-free and minimalist life.

De-clutter and Organise Room by room: Don’t try and de-clutter everything at once, tackle one room at a time!  

SUSTOMi Founder Bronwyn celebrating her freshly organised fridge


De-clutter Your Kitchen   

Start by organising and de-cluttering your kitchen: trust us – this will help in organising your whole life! 

Sort out the Food Pantry: the home of your dry goods!  

Throw out old and expired food from your kitchen cabinet; put packets of dried food (for example pasta and rice) into jars, containers or our versatile Silicone Food Pouches – then label the food items for easy access later; sort out the shelves so everything has it’s place. We also suggest expanding space in your kitchen cabinet by placing racks or hooks on the backs of doors – perfect for spices, tea towels and extra storage! 

Organise Your Fridge

Check out our Youtube video for step-by-step tips on how to organise your fridge.  

Similar to the pantry: throw out old and expired food; cook food that is about to go off: perfect time for meal prep; place food and items on correct shelf in the fridge; put foods in jars or containers; and wrap open fresh fruit and vegetables in our reusable Beeswax Wraps. 

Tidy the Kitchen Bench  

It’s easy for the kitchen bench to pile up with clutter. So clear it off completely and start again: put envelopes and papers in a special drawer, make sure the kid’s homework is done – then put it on their desk (in a place they won’t forget!); remove bowls and any unnecessary decoration and keep the bench free for what it’s made for: cooking! 

De-clutter the Kitchen Table

Your kitchen table should also be free of unnecessary junk, remove anything you don’t need from it. The kitchen table is there for eating meals, so if there is other thing that doesn’t relate to food then put them in their correct place. If you are using your table as an office space then all the more reason to have it clear and clean: organise your mind! We suggest creating a home office space for best organisation, check out our upcoming blog for tips and tricks on creating a home office.  

Clean the Kitchen Sink and Under the sink

Make sure the dirty dishes are done (here’s looking at the slack partner or kids!). Dirty dishes can immediately make a tidy kitchen appear dirty. Then clear away all the clean dishes… Aaaah yay to all the free space!  

It’s time for cleaning under the kitchen sink, we suggest placing all your kitchen cleaning products under there, find some shelving, baskets, or drawers to keep it organised and clear away any rubbish.  

Sorting out Kitchen Drawers  

Drawer by drawer sort through and find the lids for pots and pans and put them together, same goes for plastic containers and Tupperware – if the item doesn’t have it’s partner, it’s time to recycle! Pots and pans can get chaotic, so why not try hanging them from hooks – it looks pretty too! 


Family enjoying their lounge room free of clutter

Create a Clutter-Free Lounge Room

Now it’s time to head to the space where you should feel the most relaxed and uncluttered: your living room.  

Tidy and remove anything from the living space that doesn’t allow for that relaxed feeling: toys, junk, work stuff, bags etc. If you can, find baskets for organising and hiding away everyday items. A good TV cabinet can help create an organised and uncluttered space: putting away DVDs (if you’re old school and still use them), even hiding away the TV creates a living space full of zen! Find good cupboards, draws and storage items to hide away any clutter in your life.  


Bathroom free from Clutter

It’s easy to let the bathroom get into a mess; with all your beauty products all over the place. So start by throwing out old and expired products, or products that are almost empty. 

Place Towels in Baskets or Drawers: We love wicker baskets for organising linen. 

Organise Your Bedroom

Sort out your clothes 

Start by sorting out your clothes using the KonMarie method: if it doesn’t spark you joy then get rid of it! Take it to your local opportunity shop and let someone else get joy out of your second-hand clothes. Then take this amazing method by Marie Kondo and apply it to the rest of your room, tackling your items and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve you! It’s amazing how much stuff you can remove from your life and how much space you can make to do things that inspire you.  

Eliminate Clutter on Bedside drawers and Bedroom Dresser

Bedside spaces can get filled with clutter quickly, so assess what is on them and whether it needs to be there. Try and put things in drawers, baskets or containers. Our versatile and sustainable Silicone Food Pouches are sooo great for organising, you can put your jewellery, toiletries, and electric cords in them. Or use a Reusable Beeswax Wrap and fold it into an envelope to store hairbands, clips and other items. 


Sorting out your old clothes is a great way to de-clutter

Create an Organised Home Office 

So many of us are now working from home, so it’s more important than ever to create a space where you can think clearly: somewhere tidy, organised and free of clutter! We mentioned previously about your home office space, and our biggest recommendation to you is take it out of the living areas. Find a nook where you can work without distraction. Organise it with a nice ergonomic desk, shelves or drawers. It’s also a great spot to store all that paperwork you’ve just cleared from the other rooms! 

Now take these organisational and de-cluttering tips and tricks and use them throughout the rest of the house, we even recommend starting at the front door and working your way through! There’s the hallway, kid’s bedrooms, laundry, spare room, garage and more - there’s never too much de-cluttering of a household one can do! 

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