Keeping Food Fresh with Silicone Food Covers

Every day we make hundreds of choices, most we don’t even realise we’re making.  How many of your choices are about reducing waste? 

SUSTOMi is here to help you with reducing your waste, saving time, effort and money.  One easy way to do this is with our plastic-free Silicone Food Covers, here’s some tips on how and when to use them, and the waste you’ll reduce by making a very easy swap out.  

Silicone Food Covers Keep Food Fresh Longer

The Swap Out: Ditch Plastic, Use Silicone Food Covers Instead! 

Ditch the plastic wrap, ziplock bags, baking paper, aluminium foil and plastic bags for a reusable Silicone Cover. 


Your reusable food cover will work best on glass or ceramics.  It is perfect for bowls, jars or anything with a rim.  Use the size closest in diameter to the opening of the bowl. 

The silicone stretchy lid attaches by forming a grip as it constricts after stretching.  Don’t be afraid to stretch the silicone wrap out, it helps it to attach. 

You can’t use your Silicone Cover for sandwiches or snacks; it needs a bowl or plate to stick to.  Grab a Beeswax Wrap for those items.  You’ll also find you’ll struggle to get it over plates where there’s quite a bit on it… better to place things in a bowl.  Then you’ll have a nice flat surface at the top for your Silicone Cover to stretch over. 


To attach your food cover, stretch it out and place onto one edge of the bowl, lever it over the bowl then hold it in place and stretch it out over any areas that are not covered. 


  • If the Silicone Coveris not sticking well.  Check if it has water, oil or dust on it, this will stop the cover sticking to the edge of the bowl properly.  Make sure your cover is clean and also hasn’t picked up any liquids from the top of whatever you are covering.  
  • The raised dots need to be on the top.  The flat side will adhere to the bowl when stretching.  
  • Be careful with long nails or sharp objects as they can rip or tear your wrap.   


Keep your Silicone Coverin a clean dry place where it won’t get dusty.  Store in a reusable container or in a drawer. 


What exactly is platinum silicone and why are we using it?⁣ 
Silicone is a natural compound made from sand.  It creates a unique product that holds its shape but is also quite malleable. You’ve seen it around.  The slightly flimsy baking and muffin strays, the seals on your reusable containers, small tubes and pouches can also be made from silicone. There are a lot of uses for it out there. ⁣ 
The platinum status, like your credit card… denotes that this type of silicone is a little bit special. ⁣ 
Very simply, platinum silicone doesn’t contain plastic. It’s pure silicone. ⁣ 
In terms of production, platinum silicone is harder and more expensive to produce. This is why often plastic is added to the silicone to make the product more affordable and accessible for customers. ⁣ 
As we know, however, plastic doesn’t breakdown and while pure silicone lasts a long time and can be recycled. The plastic particles in the mixed silicone stay in our environment for a long time. ⁣ 
We use platinum silicone for our Silicone Covers and Reusable Silicone Food Pouches as it is a vegan and heat-able alternative to our natural Beeswax Wraps.  Additionally, it is sustainable, recyclable and will last you a long time. 

Check out our blog Great Ways to Use Silicone Food Covers in Your Kitchen for more helpful information on these super handy silicone lids!

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