The Best Triple Layer Face Masks: Breathable, Sustainable and Stylish

2022 is the year of the face mask, everyone must wear one, every day and almost everywhere. Face masks have become the number one fashion accessory, and they are SO important.

Yes, you want to look good – of course – but you also want to ensure that your face mask is giving you the correct protection. Plus, you want your face mask to be comfortable and something you are happy to wear over and over again! And here at SUSTOMi we are all about low-waste – so it’s important to get a face mask that is reusable and sustainable.


Man wearing Reusable Three Layer Face Mask in Fronds


What type of face masks are the best to wear?

Finding the right face mask for you is important, it should fit your face but also fit your style! Our Reusable Face Masks are available in a range of prints to match and coordinate with all your outfits… and they are made to fit just about any face!

Why we don’t love disposable single use face masks

We have seen far too many disposable face masks littered on the streets, floating down rivers and blowing in the wind. Single use face masks are contributing greatly to the plastic waste problem, and are a serious threat to the environment. Disposable face masks are made from petroleum-based non-renewable polymers which are not biodegradable, and are extremely hazardous to the environment! There are many studies into the damage disposable face masks are having on our environment, plus the effects on human health and the marine ecosystem. Read this article to find out more info.

Eco friendly alternatives to disposable face masks

As you know, we hate plastic waste and want to help people live a low-waste lifestyle, so we have introduced environmentally friendly face masks to our range.

Why you will love reusable face masks

You have taken so much time and care into choosing your outfit – now the icing on the cake is your face mask! Your face is the first thing most people will look at when greeting you, or seeing you on the street, in the shops and these days, just about anywhere! So put something on your face that looks good and that you can wear over and over again, the answer: reusable face masks!

The best material for eco-friendly face masks

There is a lot of discussion about the best material for cloth face masks, and every day opinions are changing! But in our opinion, the best material for reusable face masks is flannelette, with a combination of cotton poplin. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that all cloth masks are made with three layers for ultimate protection so we have made our masks with an outer layer of cotton poplin or hemp, middle layer of cotton and inner layer of flannelette. Flannelette is our favourite material for face masks as it is moisture wicking and breathable but best of all, it is soft and comfortable on the skin.

Comfortable and Breathable Face Masks – Yes Please!

Your Face Mask should suit your personality and style, so find one that you want to wear… but even more importantly it should be comfortable and breathable. There’s nothing worse than having something on your face all day that is uncomfortable or makes you feel claustrophobic! Find a mask with ear loops that are stretchy, long enough for your ears and soft in texture. The inner material should be soft on the face and allow for air circulation, and the mask should fit your face snugly but also be malleable enough for you to talk, laugh, yawn and do all the normal things a face does!

Why Triple Layer Face Masks are the best face masks

Research has found that three layered face masks are safer than single layer or double layered alternatives. Three layer face masks not only prevent small particles from passing through the material but they are also effective at stopping large droplets from a cough or a sneeze. Single or double layered masks are not a strong enough barrier against coughs or sneezes… so three layered masks are the way to go.

Read more about it at this article: Three-layered Masks Most Effective Against Large Respiratory Droplets

The Best Face Masks in Australia

So in conclusion – what are the best face masks in Australia? Well, we are biased but we LOVE our SUSTOMi Triple Layered Face Masks! They are everything you want: stylish, comfortable, soft on the skin, breathable, great protection and machine washable. They are handmade with love in our Hobart studio and come in over 15 gorgeous signature SUSTOMi prints. For a face mask that you will actually enjoy wearing, choose SUSTOMi!

Need a little more inspiration to kickstart your low-waste journey? By being here you have already started! But for more tips, read this blog: 9 Ways to Live a Sustainable, Low-Waste Lifestyle in 2022

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