The Swap Out: Silicone Food Pouch Instead of Plastic Lunch Bags

Silicone Food Pouches for food storage


Congratulations!  You’ve made the right decision, make meal prep and food storage a breeze, all while replacing those single-use, plastic zip-lock bags that are making you stressed from waste guilt!  The answer: Silicone Food Pouches.  

The versatile Silicone Pouch and it's many uses

Let’s begin with some delicious, fresh food, time-saving ideas.  Use your reusable food pouch for: 

  • Bulk food shopping: buy meats and deli goods waste-free from your local grocer by taking your pouch as a single use plastic packaging alternative. 
  • Meal prep: pre-cut your veggies and keep them crisp in the fridge 
  • Marinating meats: let your chicken, beef or meat of choice soak in yummy sauces 
  • Storing liquids: left-over soup, smoothies or stock 
  • Freezing: single-portion curries and other meals, vegetables, berries and other perishables 
  • Ready-to-go Meals: Keeping your breakfast smoothie ingredients pre-prepared, ready to put in the blender, or soup or dinner ingredients chopped and ready for the meal ahead! 


Getting started with your Leakproof Food Pouch

At first, the silicone may be a bit stiff.  Make sure you wash your leakproof Silicone Pouch before using it.  Don’t be afraid to give the slide on the pouch a good tug as well.  Use the tab on the pouch to pull against and slide it open. 

Opening and closing your Silicone Food Pouches is easy!

How to open and close your Reusable Silicone Pouch

Have a go at opening and closing the bag of the silicone pouch a few times, to get used to the action. You may need to give the slide a bit of a tug, to get it on and off. When it’s completely closed, your silicone bag is leak-proof and the contents will stay inside, where they should be. 

When replacing the slide, make sure you’re attaching it to the end without the tag.  Push the slide with the arrow pointing toward the tag into the groves to close.  Give it a good tug at the end to make sure it’s fully closed and airtight.  

Be aware that if the slide doesn’t go into the groove it can get stuck or come off halfway.  Sometimes it’s best to remove the slide and start again.   

Silicone Food Pouches are heatproof

Heat proof and freezer safe: the places your versatile Silicone Food Pouch can go 

Your Silicone Food Pouch will withstand temperatures at to 230 degrees, making it ideal for heating food. 

DISHWASHER: Simply place your Silicone Pouch in the dishwasher to clean.  We suggest turning it inside out first so that the inside corners get a good clean. Dry inside out as well; it should stand upright when flipped inside out.  If not, simply place over a cup or mug to help it air dry.  

OVEN & MICROWAVE: Remove the slide before heating the silicone bag in the oven or microwave as it can melt at high temperatures.  

IN THE FRIDGE: Make preparing your meals faster by storing pre-cut vegetables or marinating meat in your reusable silicone pouch.  

FREEZING: Freeze meal portions in your silicone food storage pouch and simply defrost in the microwave on those busy weeknights.  Also fantastic for freezing fresh product like tomatoes, stock ingredients or berries.  

Defrost in the fridge, or defrost in the microwave (remove the slide) or in boiling water (see below). 

HEAT IN BOILING WATER:  Take it from freezer to stove, keep your food in your silicone food bag and heat in a pot of boiling water.  Remove the slide if you are heating for an extended period of time.  Make sure if you keep the slide on that it is at least 5cm out of the water and not at boiling for longer than 10 minutes.  

Silicone Food Pouches, the perfect fridge accessory!

Hot tips for using your leakproof Silicone Pouch

When heating remove the slide of your Silicone Pouch or at least crack it open a centimetre or two so the steam can escape.  Don’t submerge the whole food pouch, the slide will melt if it gets too hot.  

Where to store your Silicone Food Pouch

Keep your Silicone Pouch in a clean dry place where it won’t get dusty.  Store in a reusable container or in a drawer. 

 Bonus tip for your Silicone Pouch usage:

The Silicone Pouch also make a great addition to camping or bushwalking trips. Ditch the plastic and heat your dinner in the bag and skip any unnecessary washing up! 


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