The Best Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas

Show your clients you care this Christmas with an Eco-friendly and sustainable corporate gift. This year, don't struggle to find that meaningful corporate gift, we have you sorted for the best corporate gift ideas.


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Christmas is a beautiful time of giving and showing people, especially your clients and customers, that you care and how much you appreciate them, but it is also a time of unnecessary waste and over-consumerism. So, this year break the mold and lead by example with a gift that is sustainable and kind to the planet: a corporate gift for clients that shows you care, not only for them but also for the environment. Give a gift that means something this Christmas and make a good impression on your loyal customers with our Top 5 Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts.


  1. SUSTOMi Branded Corporate Gifts

For an eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable, and versatile gift that also shows off your brand, SUSTOMi (us!) are your answer. We can print your logo onto our Organic Cotton Tote Bags, put your design or a photo on a Customised Beeswax Wrap, or place your brand on a Washable Paper Lunch Bag… the options for personalised corporate gifts are endless. All our products are stylish, environmentally friendly and can be used over and over again – a gift that won’t disappoint the receiver. Have a browse through our products and if something looks good, enquire and we can get it branded for you!

Enquire about our corporate gifts and co-branding here.


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  1. Fair Trade and Ethical Gifts from Uplift Fair Trade

Uplift Fair Trade are all about Fair Trade, ethical, eco-friendly and sustainably made Corporate gifts. They aim to be ethical, and empower dis-advantaged people around the world, by practising the 10 Fair Trade Principles in all their actions. Including respect for the environment, fair payment, transparency & accountability, and good working conditions. They can create custom design corporate gifts, with the opportunity to put your logo on fair trade and ethical products.

Visit their website here


  1. SUSTOMi Gift Hampers: the best corporate gifts in Australia

OK – so we are a little biased, but we love our hand-picked Christmas Gift Hampers! Full of beautiful Tasmanian made sustainable products, these hampers will suit your clients, customers and show them that you really care (without putting in too much effort – we have done it for you!). There are five beautiful hampers to choose from, suited to any person regardless of gender and age, and we are happy to customise them to suit your company, we can even include personalised and branded beeswax wraps, or cotton tote bags with your logo printed on. Want to know more? Contact us and send any questions or enquiries here – we would love to hear from you!

Shop Hampers here

SUSTOMI Gift hamper


  1. Corporate Gift Hampers from Gifts for the Planet

Gifts for the Planet Online intend to inspire positive action and change the way you gift. With hampers full of reusable and sustainable items. Their hampers contain ethical and sustainable products from Australian companies; they support small, fair and environmentally friendly businesses. With hampers that cater for a variety of people, this could be the solution to your corporate gift-giving.

Visit their website here


  1. Earth Friendly Promotions for Personalised Corporate Gifts

OK, so you’re thinking of gifting pens, key-rings and other little items that we don’t usually endorse… but it is corporate gifting, and a cheap and easy solution is of course a branded pen or USB Flash Drive. And if you do go down that kind of gifting path, you should do it with a business that cares about the planet. Earth Friendly Promotions are eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable, with items from bamboo notebooks to recycled husk badges, if you want mass produced products that show you care about the planet then here is your solution.

Visit their website here

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