Top Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter



Winter is here, and so to are the inevitable sniffles, coughs and fatigue. But this year it’s different, in the current time of living with a pandemic, there is no better time to stay fit and healthy to avoid the usual colds, flus and other contagious viruses going around. Making sure you exercise and maintain good fitness, drink water and eating well are essential but here are a few extra tips to help you avoid getting sick this winter and building up your immune system and mental health.

  1.  Maintain good Hygiene

We don’t really have to tell you this, by now it’s been drilled into you like second nature. Sanitise, wash your hands, keep your home, office & areas clean, keep your distance and stay hygienic! It’s been proven – this is the best way to avoid getting sick so don’t stop; in fact we recommend you do it even more over winter.

  1. Stay Hydrated – Drink Water!

Again, this is an obvious tip but there is no harm in reminding you – drink water. Staying hydrated will help you stay healthy and fight off all the nasties. The recommended consumption of fluids (including water, milk and hot drinks such as tea and coffee) is 2.6 litres (approx. 10 cups) a day for men, and 2.1 litres (8 cups) a day for women. We always carry our reusable drink bottles from Memo everywhere with us, and also enjoy a variety of herbal teas – which can also be incredibly beneficial for boosting your immune system!

  1. Eat Foods to Boost you Immune System

Taking vitamins and medicines may seem like the easy way out, but there are so many goodies in your everyday food. For example Vitamin C can be found in most fruit and vegetables – so make sure you get your recommended daily intake of 2 fruit and 5 vegetables. Zinc is integral for good health and can be found in nuts and seeds and other animal products, iron is also important for maintaining good health and can be found in meat, beans, lentils and green veggies. We recommend creating a meal plan and doing weekly meal and food preps to ensure you get all the goodness you can. You can store and freeze meals in our silicone food pouches, and have them ready for your convenience.

  1. Regular Exercise

The cold weather can make it hard to get motivated to exercise but winter is the most important time to maintain a regular exercise routine and stay fit! Keeping fit will actually keep you warmer and help you stay positive. Exercise helps you avoid the winter blues and maintain good mental health, it’s also a great activity to do when you’re feeling bored. Why not join a gym, or take up hot yoga? It’s the perfect escape from the cold and a great way to meet new people. Or enjoy a daily walk around your local Park, reserve or block, exercise will keep you positive and healthy. Most phones have a built-in step counter so aim for the recommended 10,000 steps; it’s a fun way to make sure you are getting enough exercise! If not, try and move for 30 minutes a day – there are plenty of online classes you can try.

  1. Cut back on Alcohol

We know that at the end of a big day all you want to do is reach for the wine bottle, why not try a delicious herbal tea instead? Or start brewing your own kombucha? Reducing your alcohol intake will benefit your health in so many ways: you will have more energy to do things (including exercise), more motivation to stay healthy (cook dinners packed full of the essentials) and your body will thank you in the long run. 

  1. Get Outside and soak up the Vitamin D

Generally in winter the sun doesn’t shine as much, but as soon as you see it releasing those rays – get outside and soak up the vitamin D! Vitamin D is crucial for bone health and can help you maintain positivity during the winter blues. Even if the sun isn’t shining, we highly recommend you get outside and enjoy the fresh air… staying cooped up inside everyday will not benefit your health – both physically and mentally! Go on a hike, ride a bike, sit outside for a coffee, walk instead of drive and breathe in the fresh air.

Do you have recommendations on ways to stay healthy over winter? We would love to hear yours, please comment below on your own personal tips and tricks!

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