Organised Fridge Bundle - SAVE 31%
Organised Fridge Bundle - SAVE 31%
Man holding 1L silicone food pouch by sustomi, at the supermarket | fresh green bean storage | SUSTOMi
5 stylish silicone food pouches displayed storing food on a bench | SUSTOMi
organised fridge with silicone food pouches, beeswax wraps, produce bags | SUSTOMi
asparagus in glass bowl with silicone bowl cover filled with oil no leaks | reusable silicone food covers | SUSTOMi
salad in glass bowl with silicone bowl cover filled with oil no leaks | reusable silicone food covers | SUSTOMi
2 large beeswax wraps storing cabbage and lettuce fresh | reusable beeswax wraps Tasmania SUSTOMi

Organised Fridge Bundle - SAVE 31%

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Your sustainable purchase will donate one meal to someone in need.

How about that organised, eco-fridge makeover you've been dreaming of? Ditch the plastic and get an organised fridge bundle.

Including our signature beeswax wraps, silicone food pouches, silicone food covers, and recycled mesh produce bags this bundle is your food's best friend keeping it organised and fresh for longer.

Tip: Move your greens from your produce bags to the silicone food pouches when you get home from the shops, to keep them crisp and crunchy!

5 x 1L silicone food pouches
1 x 4 pack silicone food covers
1 x 4 pack beeswax wraps (S, M, L, XL) - in your choice of print
1 x 3 pack recycled mesh produce bags

Silicone food pouches are perfect for lunches, meal prep, leftovers, liquids, freezing fruit, and all the while keeping your produce fresh for longer.

SUSTOMi silicone food covers help keep your leftovers of all sizes fresh, there is no need to use plastic food wrap again! Did you know that you can use your plastic-free silicone cover as a baking sheet too?

Use beeswax wraps for wrapping foods from small veggies to leftovers to bigger items like baked goods & lunches. We have an iconic range of prints offering vibrant colours or monochrome styles, there's a print for everyone.

Grab your plastic-free vegetables, leafy greens, fruits and nuts – in an easy to use and wash produce bag. Featuring a handy bag weight measurement and a gorgeous microdot print, you’ll be inspiring the change you want to see in the world.

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