5 Life-Changing Hacks for Environmentally Friendly Unpaper Towel

Have you ever asked yourself if there are environmentally friendly paper towels? Right after you’ve felt a little uneasy seeing the amount of single-use paper towels getting thrown away…

Well, we have a swap to get rid of 5 single-use items for good (bonus: it’s a 5-in-1 product!). Our favourite swap for 2022 is ditching single-use paper towel and swapping for reusable and versatile unpaper towel.

We love cotton unpaper towel for so many uses around the home, it’s reusable (massive win!) but did you also know that it’s super versatile and going to change your organised-life for the better?

We know you want something cute to mop up those spills or to wipe down dust around the home… but we don’t just use our unpaper towel for cleaning. Here’s our 5 life-changing hacks for reusable unpaper towel!


Unpaper Towel is more than just wiping up messes
  1. Face Washer or Make-up remover

Forget baby wipes or face wipes. Move over disposable makeup removal pads… make way for the best way to wipe your face: unpaper towels!

Simply wet your unpaper towel, add a little cleanser, makeup remover, or soap, and wipe the day’s dirt away!

The flannelette on the underside of the unpaper towel is soft on skin and super absorbent – your day’s face will wipe off like a dream. You can pop the dirty unpaper towel in the washing machine or rinse it out with warm water and soap and use it again!


  1. Non-slip heat mat for the kitchen

It’s baking time… but your mixing bowl keeps sliding around the kitchen bench and the mixing is just not happening.

Cue: unpaper towel! Pop your unpaper towel on the benchtop, flannelette side down, and mixing bowl on top – and voila – a nonslip surface to prepare your baking!

One hour later, your delicious cake is baked; you remove it from the oven to put on the benchtop… but you don’t want to burn the bench – thankfully, you still have that unpaper towel sitting there from the mixing before! Use it to pop under hot pots and pans to protect from burning your kitchen bench.


  1. Glass cleaner

Oh, the drama of cleaning glass and mirrors… the frustration of smeared glass is real… and so annoying! There are many hacks for getting your glass to look clear and shiny. But our top tip is using unpaper towel! The flannelette works as the perfect material for wiping away marks on your shiny surfaces, creating glass that is just that: glassy!

Use your unpaper towel on windows and mirrors to leave them sparkling clean! Don’t stop with glass surfaces, clean your laptop and phone screen, TV, bathroom, and kitchen bench… the options are endless.


  1. Dinner Napkins

Nobody wants to ruin a beautifully cooked meal with disposable (and ugly) paper towels as napkins. So opt for your super cute unpaper towel! The fun colours and prints can match or complement your meal and make your dinner table just pop! Plus, the soft flannel underside feels so soft on the skin when wiping up any food mess.


  1. Reusable Baby Wipes

Your little baby’s bottom deserves the softest and cutest wipes around. We understand how important it is to use products that are environmentally friendly and kind to the skin – especially on your little babies, so that’s why you should ditch disposable baby wipes and use something reusable and toxin-free. With a 7-pack of unpaper towels, you will have enough to get you through a day. For a day out, prepare a baby-wipe bag: Soak the towels in water and your favourite essential oils, then store them in a silicone bag. You’ll have a wet wipe ready to go! Simply wash them at the end of the day, and repeat!

We use baby wipes as adults too – prep a set of wet unpaper towels for your next festival or camping trip! If you have two silicone food pouches on the go, you can use one for the clean towels and one for the dirty.

Want to make your own? Check out this page for DIY Baby Wipes.


There we have it – another ripper swap-out to move one-step closer to your dreamy waste-free, cosy home. Perhaps unpaper towel will be your new go-to…



  1. Have one pack of unpaper towel in the kitchen for cleaning, one in the bathroom, and another spare for when your others are being cleaned!
  2. Store your unpaper towel in a Silicone Food Pouch with water and essential oils to make reusable baby wipes.
  3. Wash your unpaper towels in a cold water wash to ensure they last as long as possible.

Read our blog Why Unpaper Towel is Your New Kitchen Must-Have for more reasons to love unpaper towel!

Feeling inspired? Want to join the low-waste journey? Check out Zero Waste Home for more tips on how you can live more sustainably around the home.

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