Why Unpaper Towel is Your New Kitchen Must-Have

Say goodbye to single-use paper towel and hello to your new sustainable kitchen best-friend: unpaper towel!

Stop wasting money on rolls of hand-towel, not only does it hurt your wallet but also the planet. Cleaning is a task that not many of us enjoy, so make it a little more enjoyable and guilt free with products that are environmentally friendly and reusable.

reusable unpaper towel wiping up mess in the kitchen

Are there environmentally friendly paper towels?

Yes! Introducing your eco-friendly, reusable, washable and stylish kitchen paper towel alternative: unpaper towel.

What are unpaper towels?

Unpaper towels are exactly what the name says – paper towels without the paper – made with cotton fabric and flannelette. They are your eco-friendly paper towel alternative that can be used for years to come plus make cleaning a breeze!

What are unpaper towels made of?

SUSTOMi unpaper towels are handmade in Tasmania from our iconic SUSTOMi prints in organic cotton, with an absorbent and durable underside (for wiping up that mess) made from cotton flannelette. Flannelette is perfect for cleaning as it won’t mark or scratch fine surfaces, it’s great for dusting, soaking up liquids and wiping down benches, the best bit? It can be used over and over again!

The unpaper towels are 100% machine washable and can last for years! Plus with seven in a pack there’s one for every day of the week!

Are Unpaper Towels Worth it?

1000 times yes. Unpaper towels will save you money in the long run and are worth every dollar. Whilst it might be difficult to go past the cheap $1 roll of disposable paper towel at the supermarket, when you do the math over a year, the benefits of using reusable paper towel are obvious.

Everyone knows the dramas of wiping up a mess with paper towel and how many sheets of paper you actually use, with unpaper towel you will find cleaning so much more efficient, as it is far more absorbent and durable than it’s paper counterpart.  Plus paper towel looks ugly in the kitchen – you’ve gone to all that effort with your new renovations or beautiful matching décor, so match it with something that shows off your hard work and blends into your style and aesthetic! Your kitchen and home will look so great with colourful pops of colour from the many prints of SUSTOMi’s unpaper towels.

What can Unpaper Towels be used for?

Well the obvious use for unpaper towel is wiping up mess in the kitchen! But don’t just limit the use of your sustainable paper towel to kitchen cleaning – put one in the bathroom for all your cleaning needs, another in the laundry and another in the car – it’s nice to have something to wipe up any spilt coffee on the drive, one in the office (impress your colleagues as you clean down your surfaces!) One of our top uses for the unpaper towel is to wipe down windows and mirrors for smudge free shine – without the waste! Our reusable unpaper towel can also be used under hot pots and pans to protect your bench space, or as a non-slip base for under bowls on a slippery bench-top, you can even use it in your children’s rooms and nursery to wipe up that baby mess!

How to use your SUSTOMi unpaper towel:

  1. Store your reusable cleaning cloths: Roll them up, fold them up, store it how you prefer, within arms reach.
  2. When you have the inevitable spill (or at every meal time with the kids...), easily grab a piece of unpaper towel and wipe clean your ‘whoopsie’.
  3. Place the used cloth in a washing basket, ready to throw in the washing machine.
  4. Dry, store and repeat for years to come!

Hot tip: Roll the towels up by overlapping the edges by 2-5 cm. this creates a long roll of towels, ready for you to pull of 1 by 1, just like our old acquaintance, paper towel.


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