Working from Home: Four Tips to Creating an Organised Home Office

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The last year and a half has been the time to work from home. For obvious reasons, more and more people are creating a home office, or our new favourite term a “zoom room”.

So how can you make an organised office in your household perfect for work? Not only do you want your home office to be organised but functional, ergonomic, sustainable, quiet and of course the office-space must look good!

Here are our top tips in home office organisation and creation!

  1. Find a space for your workspace or home office:

 This is essential, you want to have a space away from the noise of your children, housemates or partner. Somewhere where you can focus on work without distraction. So find a quiet and private office space in the house with a view (a nice outlook is important!).

  1. Work with a Good ergonomical desk and chair:

 Good ergonomics in the home office is extremely important! Not only does it boost your work productivity but also prevents injury. So create a workplace that is good for you and your health, invest in a good chair and find a desk perfect for the organised household office.


  1. Decorate your Office Space:

We recommend keeping your home office space as clutter-free as possible, but we also think it’s important to make it your own personal and happy place. So put a few pictures up, place a lush plant nearby, find some nice pen holders, use funky shelfing and create a work-space that you enjoy being in.


  1. Create an Organised and Orderly Home Office Zone:

 An organised home office is important. Getting into the work zone immediately can be hard, especially when you have just come from your cosy lounge room and you have to switch into work mode immediately. So create a home office that is ordered, tidy, and easy to navigate. Invest in decent home office shelving, filing, or baskets. Our versatile Silicone Food Pouches are perfect for holding odds and ends like electric cords, pens and stationary, and our reusable Beeswax Wraps are also incredibly useful in the home workspace – fold them into small envelopes to store items like paperclips.

For more home office inspiration, head to our other blogs for great home tips and tricks, including how to De-clutter your Home.


Tips to Organise your small space and declutter your home

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