How to Keep Food Fresh & Organised in the Fridge

Reaching into the back of the fridge and pulling out old and rotten vegetables is something familiar to everyone. It’s easy to forget about your vegetables when your fridge is not organised, and there is nothing more upsetting than letting your delicious fresh produce go to waste!

Having an organised fridge will save you money, time, and stress – it just looks so satisfying too! Watch our Youtube video for tips on keeping a Freshly Organised Fridge.

So how do you keep your fridge organised?

The answer to an organised fridge is with a reusable fridge produce bag – or as we like to call ours a Silicone Food Pouch. Silicone Food Pouches for the fridge are reusable, dish-washable, and so versatile. Here’s why we love silicone food bags and how they can keep your fridge organised and your food fresh for longer!

How To Keep Produce Fresh in the Fridge with Eco-Friendly Silicone Bag

Did you know that most food will stay fresh for longer if kept in a sealed container? Your go to in the past would have probably been a single-use plastic zip-lock bag, which are obviously bad for the environment and contribute to landfill. So now swap-out your plastic for silicone!

Silicone Food Pouches work so much better than zip-top plastic bags, they are more airtight and will keep food from browning or drying out. They are your eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, and once you make the move to silicone bags you will never look back!

Silicone Food Pouch vs. Plastic Lunch Bag

Silicone is durable and more environmentally friendly than plastic – it can be heated in the microwave, put in the oven, you can even use it to sous vide or cook  your veggies in boiling water!

There are SO many uses for Silicone Bags, head to our blog The Swap Out: Silicone Food Pouch Instead of Plastic Lunch Bags to find out more uses for your Silicone Food Pouch.

Organising Fridge Ideas with a Silicone Produce Bag

To keep your fridge in order and organised use your silicone produce bags. Silicone Food Pouches for the fridge come in four different sizes so will suit a variety of foods, from your small fruits such as strawberries, to food prep such as big slices of pumpkin… you can even store your left over dinner such as stew, curry and soup in the reusable silicone food bag!

The Silicone Food Pouches will slide in and out of the shelves in your fridge easily, and they are translucent enough to show you what vegetables or produce you have stored inside them. As soon as we finish our supermarket shop, we put all our produce away in the variety of silicone food pouches and store them in the fridge according to their contents, for example: vegetables on one shelf, fruit on another, left over dinner is stored in a different section of the fridge, and so on… you will find a way to keep your fridge organised! Even better and more eco-friendly than the supermarket is our recommendation: bulk-food shopping!

For more tips on organising your fridge head to our blog De-clutter your Home and Living Space: Home Organisation Inspiration.

Take your Silicone Food Pouch Bulk Food Shopping

We love bulk-food shopping – it’s cheaper, better for the environment and the food tastes better! Check out our blog 5 Simple Ways to go Plastic Free for more reasons we love bulk food shopping.

One of the best things about bulk food shopping is there is no packaging. You can take your own non-plastic packaging to your favourite bulk food shop and fill away – removing the weight of your reusable package from the total. Our Silicone Food Pouches all have their tare weight on the outside of the bag so the cashier can take that weight off the final amount and know how much produce you have bought. So next time you head to the bulk food store take your silicone food pouches with you and then they can slide straight into your fridge or pantry for organisation heaven!

Our Silicone Food Pouches are available in four sizes to suit all your food and organisation needs, or get your home and fridge completely organised with our Reusable Silicone Food Pouch Complete Bundle.

Stop using plastic today and start using silicone! There are so many uses for silicone, have a look at the following blogs to find out the many amazing ways you can use silicone in your kitchen!

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